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PRESIDENT. An officer of a company who is to direct the manner in which business is to be transacted. From the decision of the president there is an appeal to the body over which he presides.

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ADY AR polling company said its February and April surveys show that 65-70 percent of the public is against the presidential system.
Democrats appear more certain of their presidential preference than Republicans, with only 17.
Cancelling the 1914 Assembly Law and the 2013 Protest Law would be necessary in order to hold "real presidential elections", he said, as well as releasing all detainees who were not arrested for possession of weapons or murder.
After analyzing presidential versus vice presidential home state turnout advantage, we incorporate a turnout variable into empirical models predicting the size of home state electoral advantages.
After all, Gore's challenger for the Democratic Presidential nomination, former U.
Hubert Humphrey did during his failed presidential run in '68, to run ads that make clear that he supports "the nonviolent majority - these are the people whose voice I want to be.
Kennedy's close victory in the presidential election undoubtedly broke some ground for potential presidential candidates who followed.
Presidential Corporate Center is a joint venture between the Lawrence L.
Under the terms of the transaction, Presidential Life shareholders will receive only $14.
The results of the survey, titled "A Social Perspective on Presidential System," were recently released on ByLGESAM's official website.
He declared opposition would participate in the presidential elections with full force.
COLLEGE STATION, Texas, May 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The directors of the three Presidential Libraries in Texas will kick off a three-city tour with a free forum discussion May 14, 7 p.

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