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PRESIDENT. An officer of a company who is to direct the manner in which business is to be transacted. From the decision of the president there is an appeal to the body over which he presides.

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They further said that due to Zia's immense doings he was a deserving for the provincial presidentship.
The PPP, PML(Q) and MQM together can easily muster the required number to elect Zardari for presidentship because of their strength in the four provincial assemblies and the two houses of the Parliament.
The accord was formally adopted in the ballroom of Elysee Palace, Paris, France on December 14, under the presidentship of Jaques Chirac, the President of France, who termed the signing ceremony meeting as "the conference of hope" At this stage President Clinton remarked, "Seize the chance.
Two members -- Jajodia and Pakistan boxing general secretary Iqbal Hussain -- were in the fray for vice- presidentship from South Asia.
A meeting of All Anjuman e Tajiran e Mirpurkhas was held in presidentship of its president Aftab Qureshi that was attended by its office bearers and members including Rais Ahmed Khan, Faqeer Mohammad A.
Shakeel Anjum and Ishfaq Ahmad will contest for the slot of presidentship while Khalid Mehmood Sheikh, Shahid Setho, Shadab Anwar, Anwar Shahzad, Tariq Mehmood Qureshi, Asim Sherazi and Gohar Javed for vice president post.
Gandhi is currently in the fourth term of the Presidentship which expires in 2015.
They were denied this right during the presidentship of Hosni Mubarak.
In a final statement issued in the wake of the meeting, conferees sternly lashed out at the "designed" attack on Lebanese President "which aims at undermining the presidentship and faltering the constitutional institutions.
The 1700 billion rupees Eighth Plan 1993-98, is expected to receive formal approval of the National Economic Council which meets under the Presidentship of the Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, on May 31.
As far as party presidentship is concerned, I will continue to work till Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi want me to," Bajwa said.
Presidentship honour will be of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa this time.