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Then other questions emerge, such as what we think Eucharist is and whether we need a presider as such at all, how the many responsibilities in a given community are shared, and so forth.
And in Catholic tradition, the Mass truly makes real the presence of Christ--in the readings, in the congregation, in the presider, and, above all, in the eucharistic bread and wine.
Holding hands during the Lord's Prayer perhaps recovers this ancient tradition, with the whole assembly joining in a group orans; indeed, in some parishes, members of the assembly individually extend their hands as the presider does.
Le president Moncef Marzouki a charge le chef d'etat-major de l'armee de terre de presider ces funerailles, et des helicopteres militaires sillonnaient le ciel.
The presider said that he would conduct the rites, some of them more than 3,500 years old, in Farsi.
Tawadros II absent Bien qu'il ait declare pouvoir presider lui-meme la messe, l'absence surprenante du pape Tawadros II, pape d'Alexandrie et patriarche de la cathedrale de Saint-Marc lors des funerailles a vexe les parents des victimes.
Each succeeding chapter focuses on one of the modes of Christ's presence in the following sequence: the liturgical assembly, the proclamation of the word, the sacramental presider, and the gifts of bread and wine.
Kirk is quoted as observing that the video describes the five movements of the Eucharist and "shows Christ is 'equally present' in the presider, the community and the Bible as well as in the bread and the wine [Host and Precious Blood].
The presider might use the draft Renewing Worship rite found either in published form through Augsburg Fortress or approved for free downloading on the ELCA Web site: www.
Now the verdict which could include death sentences will be announced on Saturday by the Judge who also served as investigator, prosecutor, and presider.
L'entrevue s'est deroulee au palais presidentiel a Nouakchott, peu avant le demarrage du Conseil des ministres hebdomadaire que le chef de l'Etat mauritanien a l'habitude de presider chaque jeudi matin.
Amman, 01 avril 2014 (SUNA) - Le Premier Vice - President de la Republique, General Bakri Hassan Salih, est arrive mardi soir dans la capitale de la Jordanie, Amman, pour presider le cote soudanais aux reunions du haut comite conjoint soudano- Jordanien.