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Kim Basinger crops up in a handful of scenes as the widow of Wurman's brother, who is trying to lure the drugged-up press agent out of the city.
has our universe been more urgently displayed." God is rumored to have told His press agent, "Man, I wish I'd thought of that!"
That slick press agent Vincent Allen talked him into changing it." At the time it hadn't seemed so bad.
In 1962, Paul walked into the office of Isadora (Issie) Bennett, the best-loved dance press agent, manager and producer of her time.
Yeah yeah, I know I sound like his press agent, but I dig him for the following: in times where Latin music is dominated by the sound of fariseos who don't know a G clef from a G string, here's a guy who (and pardon me for briefly sounding like a writer for Vibe) is keeping it real.
Princeton press agent Steven Schultz told us that the scientists were shying away from press calls because too many reporters wanted to know if the findings cleared the way for uninhibited drinking with no fear of permanent brain damage.
In political circles, libertarianism can be recognized as the yuppie philosophy of fiscally conservative and socially liberal." Close enough to what a press agent for the Cato Institute might say, except for the slight difference that Thomas appears to loathe the group he's describing.
Since the peace talks began, and especially once they ended (with, by the way, none of the usual congrats for the President), the coverage of Bosnia shifted from mass murders and raped women to "our boys," and Clinton is finding that the same press that served as cheerleader for the government and press agent for the U.S.
In this media-obsessed age, many now seem to regard a great diplomat as someone who is an outstanding press agent or a vigorous negotiator who can gain advantage for his government by extracting one-sided concessions from others.
press agent, newspaperman, novelist, feature writer.
After the first act I could sympathize with the press agent's panic at the thought of having the show reviewed, ever, by anyone, and I will keep my promise.
He had also been a press agent for several companies and individuals, including Tagum Development Corp., owned by the family of Davao del Norte Rep.