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PRESS. By a figure this word signifies the art of printing. The press is free.
     2. All men have a right to print and publish whatever they may deem proper, unless by doing so they infringe the rights of another, as in the case of copyrights, (q.v.) when they may be enjoined. For any injury they may commit against the public or individuals they may be punished, either by indictment, or by a civil action at the suit of the party injured, when the injury has been committed against a private individual. Vide Const. of the U. S. Amend. art. 1, and Liberty of the Press.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The bishops urged the government to support the appeal of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for an immediate end to the violence in Sabah; to press upon the two contending forces to heed the UN call; to resume the diplomatic work of resolving the Sabah claim, a task historically entrusted to the government by the sultanate of Sulu; and to ensure the withdrawal with honor of armed forces from the area.
Toni had told press upon rejoining Fiorentina: "The experience in the UAE was nice but it was not real football.
"I am personally shocked and horrified by the tragic events two days ago," said Annan told the press upon his arrival in Damascus, referring to the massacre perpetrated in this central Syria twon, where a hundred of people, including fifty children died Friday.
"The international community has made quite a few efforts to incite the Syrian opposition not to enter into any dialogue with the government," Lavrov was quoted by the site of Russia Today TV as saying to the press upon his arrival in the Netherlands.
President Dmitry Medvedev stepped up the pressure last month, when he ordered army commanders to prepare to deploy ballistic missiles to an enclave next to Lithuania and Poland to counter the NATO shield - in a move that Hague on Thursday described as "disappointing." Lavrov declined to take questions from the press upon his arrival at the NATO headquarters.
The seminar will also press upon the importance of the resourceful use of smart water metering and advanced water meter infrastructure.
It is imperative that the candidates understand the mission of the Majlis and press upon the citizens to whole-heartedly participate in the election process.
In a statement to the press upon arrival at Tunis-Carthage International Airport, he said this forum provided the opportunity to promote economic co-operation and increase political consultations between the Arab and Japanese sides.
"Many countries such as Togo are determined to share this successful experience of the kingdom to cope with globalisation," Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe told the press upon his arrival at the Marrakech international airport, to attend the World Economic Forum on the MENA region, due on October 26-28.
Speaking to the press upon his arrival at the Larnaka airport, Ban said he was aware of the difficulties in the comprehensive talks, saying that nevertheless a settlement was possible.
The United States have a "very positive" vision of Morocco's experience under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, Moroccan Foreign Affairs and Cooperation minister, Taib Fassi Fihri, said here Sunday.Aa The Moroccan-US relations witnessed "a significant qualitative leap over the past years thanks to the vision of HM the King, advocating the diversification of partnerships and the broadening of political dialogue, mainly with a country as important as the US," Fassi Fihri told the press upon the arrival in Marrakesh of US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to take part in the 6th Forum for the Future, to be held November 2-3 in the city.
CAIRO: Culture Minister Farouk Hosni accused the UNESCO of having a political agenda, saying that the United Nations had "a scheme to prevent him from winning the [director general] post," he told the local press upon arriving in Cairo.