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PRESS. By a figure this word signifies the art of printing. The press is free.
     2. All men have a right to print and publish whatever they may deem proper, unless by doing so they infringe the rights of another, as in the case of copyrights, (q.v.) when they may be enjoined. For any injury they may commit against the public or individuals they may be punished, either by indictment, or by a civil action at the suit of the party injured, when the injury has been committed against a private individual. Vide Const. of the U. S. Amend. art. 1, and Liberty of the Press.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He said that the single direction of pressing and lack of shearing from tumbling seems to reduce solids and tannins.
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Presses are available with precision intermediate platens to produce double daylight models, advanced electro-optical instrumentation to measure corner positions of all platens, and control from data highway recipe product pressing requirements.
This simplifies the skills and techniques of each press so that most of the pressing defenders can become somewhat specialized in their learning of both zone presses.
"The multi-axial felt concept bypasses conventional weave looms by producing base cloths on narrow, high speed looms; these base cloths are subsequently spiraled at a low angle to form the wider base fabrics required for paper machines," explains Eric Diamond, technical director, pressing, Weavexx.
The basic terminology and the names of the five pressing positions of all three zone press defenses, as well as the techniques, slides, and rotations are all very similar--enabling you to include all three zone presses into the same overall press-defense package.
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Employ this technique with bench presses (5 seconds lowering bar to chest and 10 seconds pressing the bar to full extension).
"Membrane pressing opens opportunities for sheet suppliers and thermoformers to transfer their expertise to new markets," says George Southard, a sales representative at Kleerdex, who notes that membrane pressing is analogous in some ways to traditional thermoforming.
That meant that on a made basket (against us), we'd be going to the same spots, whether the opponents were pressing or not.