pressing concern

References in classic literature ?
It was a more pressing concern to shew attention to Jane Fairfax, whose prospects were closing, while Harriet's opened, and whose engagements now allowed of no delay in any one at Highbury, who wished to shew her kindnessand with Emma it was grown into a first wish.
A more pressing concern, though, is his off-the-chart gibberish, pitching to Laura Begley: "You with me is like champagne and orange juice.
Of more pressing concern king be the of the finances Ashley may have thought the Machiavellian manner in which he lured King to his lair before releasing the legal hounds on him may have had a touch of evil genius about it but it exposed him once more for the corporate bully he is.
Of more pressing concern for the 39-year-old are his recent struggles on the course, with his injury coming six days after he recorded the worst round of his career - an 11-over-par 82 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.
YOU only have to read the letters featured on these pages in a typical week to realise how much of a pressing concern litter is to South Walians.
5 a pressing concern, the 3 agreed to share best practices in alleviating pollution including exchange of research and studies pertaining to the pollutant.
So maybe what should be of more pressing concern to Dyke is that both World Cup 2018 AND World Cup 2022 are to be staged in countries that demonise homosexuality.
But while Sunflower is the largest blaze, of more pressing concern is the Gladiator fire that threatens the tourist community of Crown King.
Should this not be a very pressing concern of the church?
When it comes to issues of genuinely pressing concern to his constituents, and others, it would appear that John Hemming MP is arguably a far more conscientious public servant than Mr Harte would have him portrayed.
But in Saudi Arabia, the most pressing concern is not about women's rights or even Islamic piety but something closer to the heart of the Gulf's Sunni majority: that misyar marriage seems like the kind of thing a Shiite would do.
But Semprini inherits a more pressing concern, namely fund-raising.