pressing requirement

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Being able to apply suitable policies to shape network resources' consumption, not only according to their availability but also to users' needs, is today a pressing requirement for enterprises.
The Etihad rail project is going as planned and it is being done only because it is a pressing requirement for a rail line.
NEVER mind new shoes and uniform - the most pressing requirement on the "back to school" list this year is a packet of Nurofen.
Bad decisions are far more likely to be made when there's a pressing requirement.
Balaji Srinivas, Managing Director at The Abrj Group, added, "There is a pressing requirement in the Indian healthcare sector for paediatric healthcare infrastructure due to the demographics of the country, which witnesses high fertility, maternal and infant mortality rates.
The events in Syria are weighing on the minds of everyone, and Hezbollah faces the pressing requirement of positioning itself for the future in Lebanon's critically important neighbor.
In view of the incidents experienced over the past few days I believe that enhancing the protection of the oil facilities has become a more pressing requirement and we are in the process of coordinating with the relevant government authorities to come up with a new security strategy.
The most pressing requirement for the two remaining parties is believed to be their long-term commitment to British racing.
The oversight and control of increasingly porous borders is a pressing requirement for certain Gulf states.
The more pressing requirement is less teaching them how to use weapons and more providing reassurance to threatened internal communities that they won't be exploited by their erstwhile internal rivals," said Stephen Biddle of the Council on Foreign Relations.
He said that activities are designed while keeping in mind the pressing requirement for the promotion of the involvement of volunteers in social development, taking into account the views of all stakeholders, to develop comprehensive strategies and programs by raising public awareness about the value and opportunities of volunteerism.