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Forced to reflect upon his past and dig deep into his recollections of first love, broken hearts, deceit, regret, guilt, and the devastating consequences of actions he took long ago, Tony is in danger of being swallowed whole by the past, and more pressingly, by his flawed remembrances of it.
The people are polite, efficient, respectful -- and utterly, de- pressingly predictable.
More pressingly, Del Rio professes that Code Unknown, despite its clear investment in revealing the subjugation of racialized and gendered subjects under biopolitical supremacy, is equally engrossed in an "activism of affection" or a demonstration of how the comprehensive biopolitical management of life by the state is counterbalanced with obfuscatory affective signs and codes (82).
But the show remains an artfully constructed receptacle for our cyber-paranoia, whether directed at the government or capitalism or technology or, most pressingly, one's ability to betray oneself with hallucinations or selective memory or a self-serving notion of the right thing to do.
But more pressingly, should you make your move now?
Her skin tingled, and she suddenly realised she was cold, and more pressingly, her right foot was shooting pains all the way up her leg.
The poems we assembled acknowledge the disillusionment felt by many would-be voters contemplating the people in power and social injustice in the UK and beyond, but, more pressingly, I think they make a case for greater empathy across society and for politics conducted on a human level.
Secondly, and more pressingly, I desperately need Larry Grey to somehow father a male child.
More pressingly, just who are the idiots doing this and what can be done to stop them?
The longer matches at Roland Garros may still help the Majorcan capture a record tenth French Open singles crown in the coming weeks, but even more pressingly than last year time is fast running out for Nadal to find his A-game.
On a practical level, identifying Nigeria as a creolising society may go some way to producing a change in how power is shared across the country--the insistence on federal character, which has led to the demand for state creation to the point of absurdity, may be diminished if Nigerians could increasingly see that the manifest ethnic identity of a minister does not directly benefit them, and in fact, very often, somebody ostensibly from your ethnic group has cross-cutting loyalties to other groups; more pressingly, their concerns could become more about where they actually live, than whether their ethnic group is perceived to be getting a share of the "national cake".
Most pressingly, donors have largely failed to fulfill their pledges," the UN official said.