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This is good advice, but one wonders what could possibly be the scientific basis of Churchland's unwavering commitment to Truth, and, more pressingly, where would the neural basis of her stance be located?
This apes the couplets of the English country house poem that go all the way back to Jonson's Penshurst, but it also echoes what might have come between, the satires of Pope and Swift, and more pressingly for Wingfield, the return of mock epic and rhyming precision in her immediate precursors, Eliot and Auden and MacNeice.
This was just a matter of armchair philosophy before the predictions of inflation started making it pressingly real.
She was quoted in the Chronicle story as saying, "Given the shortages on the pharmaceuticals used in lethal injections, what we need more pressingly is a review of the process to ensure we have the appropriate supervisions, safeguards, and protocols at each point.
Rather than assuring Americans, the reference in fact reminds the audience of the country's tenuous first decades and, more pressingly, of our contemporary history of US-led police actions, of retaliatory attacks, of hot wars conducted by proxy forces, and so on.
Pressingly, the UK Government and other interested parties must do all they can to make sure that the heads of state across the Commonwealth listen to the voices of their own people.
It was a clear reminder of how pressingly an agreement on Yemen's political future is needed.
1), I explained what we had in mind for this "Forum" section: "We look forward to including in future issues of SAJL, as frequently as possible, a forum for opinion pieces that don't necessarily resemble proper articles, and that shouldn't necessarily be peer reviewed in the same way a proper article should be; we envision this as a framework or apparatus for comment, on conversations and problems pressingly relevant to the field and intersecting fields, but not necessarily exclusive to or contained by the field--responses to new publications, or to conference panels, or to other significant events.
More pressingly, England have got a lot more work to do yet in this game.
It is an open secret, for example, that in the General Congregations that preceded the Conclave, there were Cardinals who were pressingly demanding the reform of the Curia.