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Although the nominal rotation speed of the unmodified compressor is 1700 rpm, we typically operate the modified compressor at 800 rpm or less because the small improvement in inlet pressure obtained at higher speeds does not justify the increased stress, wear, and noise.
Effects on blood pressure of reduced dietary sodium and the dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH) diet.
Exercise not only burns calories, it lowers blood pressure.
Run as fast as you can against pressure - simple advice, often forgotten.
The guidelines, based on the best available scientific evidence on management of ulcers, were developed to help identify adults at risk of pressure ulcers, to define early interventions for prevention, and to manage pressure ulcers.
Well, how much pressure do I need in a building this size?
Volumetric dispensing and mixing machines employ unique cylinders designed so that seals are not subject to metering-stroke pressure.
The results suggest that organic particles or unidentified compounds associated with them have the strongest effect on blood pressure.
A tire pressure monitor that doesn't provide a timely low-pressure warning to motorists is not enhancing safety.
High blood pressure raises the risk of stroke by causing the blood vessels to narrow.
Zinn: Why, when pressure ulcer treatment is so costly, when the potential costs associated with litigation related to pressure ulcers are so high, and when it is so widely known how to prevent and properly treat pressure ulcers, are they still such a problem in long-term care?