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This piece included detailed instructions on how to construct a pressure cooker bomb.
You mentioned you like cooking creatively with pressure cookers.
She implemented the pressure cooker, stating "we brought back the concept of the pressure cooker to the schoolhouse as this was something I remember valuing as an Ensign years ago when I went through the Basic Qualification Course.
At the food banks advice could be given on the use of slow cookers and pressure cookers.
Both pressure cookers are equipped with an auto pressure release device, and sensible valves to lock the upper lid when under high pressure.
His attorney, James Howarth, has said Al Khawahir didn't know pressure cookers were used to make bombs in the Boston Marathon attack and was bringing the appliance for his nephew.
The police reportedly received a call from a neighbour who was alarmed when she saw the student leave his flat with a silver pressure cooker that looked like the ones used in the Boston marathon blasts.
It was only the fourth time mum-of-two Liz had used the PS40 Team pressure cooker.
One of the three devices used in the May 2010 Times Square attempted bombing was a pressure cooker, the report said.
Forensic teams also discovered the lid of one of the pressure cooker devices that was apparently catapulted onto the roof of a nearby building.
The pressure cooker lid was found atop the Charlesmark Hotel, close to the marathon finish line where the bombs were placed, said owner Mark Hagopian.
An intelligence bulletin issued to law enforcement and released late Tuesday includes a picture of a mangled pressure cooker and a torn black bag the FBI says were part of a bomb.

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