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The last thing we need is more obsessive pressure groups feverishly encouraging the nanny state to tighten its grip on our daily lives.
While other pressure groups might have leverage through having strong connections with the media, or having excessive funds, which Protect Your Voice currently lacks, they are heavily dependent on creating leverage through vast popular support.
She said: "It's a common complaint that as devolution and civil society have developed, we haven't had the requisite number of organisations and pressure groups and third-sector organisations which offer competing perspectives on an issue.
I don't think motorists or airline passengers will be suffering price hikes like this," said Mike Crowhurst of the pressure group Railfuture.
Suppliers, pressure groups and politicians stepped up pressure on the government this week to introduce the proposed supermarkets ombudsman.
Blockades by an earlier pressure group, Transaction 2000, caused widespread fuel shortages and long queues for petrol in the autumn seven years ago.
And improving track in Scotland could shave off another 45 minutes, experts at industry-backed pressure group Greengauge 21 said.
But the demonstrations were large enough, and widespread enough, that they were more than the work of just one special-interest pressure group.
In an issue devoted to the creative re-use of old buildings, it seems a good moment to take stock of the campaigning work of SAVE, the conservation and pressure group dedicated to publicising the plight of the UK's often scandalously endangered historic buildings and places.
And Phil Booth of the NO2ID pressure group said: "ID cards will be nothing less than the Big Brother in your pocket.
While in England, Bishop Robinson took part in a debate at the Oxford Union and attended the 10th anniversary commemoration of the gay pressure group Changing Attitudes, reported The Guardian newspaper.
A small firms pressure group was today taking its battle over a VAT "loophole" in the Channel Islands to a crunch meeting with the Government.