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ECG findings consistent with pulmonary hypertension and RV ischemia and strain, including complete and incomplete right bundle branch block (RBBB), ST-segment changes and T-wave inversions, the S1Q3T3 pattern, and non-sinus rhythm, had been observed more frequently in patients with RV pressure load (7-9).
After melting at 260 [degrees] C, the liquid polymer was cooled to 200 [degrees] C under a pressure load of 20 MPa.
In one design scenario, a hydrostatic pressure load was applied to the inner surface of the walls to represent the pool completely filled with water.
A report is generated containing all blood pressure readings for the testing period, heart rate, mean arterial pressure, blood pressure load, and summary statistics for overall 24-hour, daytime, and nighttime periods.
Clement also pointed out that the easing of the Baggies' fixture list over the next few weeks - with three successive games against fellow strugglers Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and Aston Villa - may lighten their pressure load.
The Ingersoll-Rand SL-IV 50 hp intensifier is a self-contained unit with built-in intelligent diagnostic features and pressure load auto balancing among its capabilities.
Almost the entire pressure load in a diaphragm application is supported by the piston head and only a small amount of the liquid or gas pressure is supported by the narrow convolution of the diaphragm.
Patients in the high-intensity group had a higher pressure load to inhale against.
In a standard pressure load, the 115-grain JHP Winchester Silvertip and Federal 9BP seem most likely to stay in the offender's body.
However, rowing causes moment-to-moment spikes in the blood pressure with each stroke, which put a greater pressure load on the heart than running.
During simulation, concentrated force load F is applied to point e, pressure load P is applied to f, boundary of ab, bc and cd are set as fixed boundary.
A Toughbook is also able to resist pressure load of 100 kg and localised pressure load of 30 kg.