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With abdominal aortic constriction, the heart is challenged with an immediate pressure overload and myocardial hypertrophy develops within days.
Further analysis indicated that PDGFR-beta in heart muscle cells contributes to the protective response to pressure overload by triggering the growth of new blood vessels, providing new insight into the physiologic functions of PDGFR-beta.
In summary, RV failure is the result of inadequate contractility, volume or pressure overload.
1993) Induction of cardiac insulin-like growth factor I gene expression in pressure overload hypertrophy.
Taken together, these findings provide the first evidence that the effect of EGCG against cardiac fibrosis may be attributed to its inhibition on NF-KB activation and subsequent CTGF overexpression, suggesting the therapeutic potential of EGCG on the prevention of cardiac remodeling in patients with pressure overload hypertrophy.
Right-sided heart failure due to acute pressure overload is the usual cause of death from PE since the right ventricle is unable to generate and sustain a systolic pressure of 50 mmHg (3).
Measuring B-type natriuretic peptide, a cardiac neurohormone secreted by the ventricles as a specific response to volume expansion and pressure overload, proved useful in identifying acute CHF in a pilot study, so Dr.
Loss or inhibition of uPA or MMP-9 attenuates LV remodeling and dysfunction after acute pressure overload in mice.