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Most people are unaware that they may be able to claim compensation for the pain and suffering caused by pressure sores which developed when receiving nursing care.
Five patients had pressure sores on admission but only 1 additional pressure sore developed in the unit.
In contrast, the pressure sore QMs for low- and high-risk populations had few facilities flagged with EB CIs, suggesting that the conventional 90th percentile flag for these QMs could be very misleading.
While in the overall sample no other diagnosis came close to the frequency of pressure sores and urinary tract infections, there still were some patterns that emerged when study participants were grouped by injury severity, age, and duration of injury.
We have a dedicated team of staff who specialise in pressure sore claims and we can help you claim the appropriate compensation to get your life back on track.
The 47-year-old was forced to have a section of her femur removed after deep pressure sores on her buttock sent an infection spreading through her thigh and pelvis.
But she was soon confined to bed, where she began to suffer from pressure sores.
The homes former manager 49-year-old Faheza Simpson, of Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, has also denied those three neglect charges and a further neglect allegation relating to a man who suffered pressure sores while staying at the home for a week.
First, the Survey Team observed a nurse's treatment of a patient's pressure sore in which the nurse began by using a pair of unsanitized scissors that she removed from her pocket to change the patient's pressure sore dressings.
Specifically, the team at Venturan improved their pressure sore prevention program by adopting a valid pressure sore assessment tool (Braden scale) and repeating pressure sore risk assessment on days three, five, and fourteen after admission.
Initially applied to wheelchair cushions and hospital mattresses for pressure sore prevention, Supracor's Stimulite honeycomb is the basis of a revolutionary line of personal care products that are clean, safe and uniquely comfortable.
She told the jury that the forms were completed late for that reason, but Mr AsKins suggested both Simpson and the home's owner Philip Bentley chose to accept a poor system of pressure sore care.