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As the opening in the shaft at the fire floor increases, the capacity of the air handling units used to pressurize the floors must increase in order to resist the increased load of smoke carried in the shaft.
4 show that increasing the vent size from 5 percent of the shaft area to 25 percent cuts the size of the air handling units used to pressurize the floors by about one-half, regardless of whether the elevator shaft is open at the fire floor or not.
Be sure the outboard line is shut off and turn the water on to pressurize the circuit.
A better corrective action is to back the pressure pour away from the pour line, pressurize to fill the pour launder, hold the iron for a given period of time to heat the pour launder refractory and reduce surface oxides before dispensing a given amount of metal into a ladle.
The PEP process pressurizes the mold and then opens a valve to allow expulsion of melt into an overflow cavity (PT, June 'O2,p.
In bubble testing, the operator pressurizes the part, submerges it in a water bath, and then watches for a stream of escaping bubbles that signal a leak.
In bubble testing, an operator pressurizes a casting, forcing in air and sealing the opening.