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Pioneer has a reputation for providing best in class technology and we are thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to quality and innovation with this prestigious award from CNET.
Bloomberg is also a prestigious tenant and a great anchor for anyone.
He also holds positions in many prestigious private and public organizations.
Owned by Jack Resnick & Sons, 110 East 59th Street is centrally located at the very heart of the most prestigious business corridor in the world--Park Avenue at 59th Street.
Its products have won several international awards, among them, the prestigious IBC Exhibition Design Award 2005, the Best New Product Award at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in 2002 and the Buzz of the Show award at InfoComm 2004 in Atlanta, the Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit in the 2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry as well as the prestigious Consumer Product Design Award and the HKITCC Certificate of Merit in Technological Achievement in the 1999 Hong Kong Awards for Industry.
The prestigious law firm is more than a century old and has 14 offices in the United States, Asia and Europe.
The Nanaimo branch and the Montreal Branch were also awarded with the prestigious CAM-X Award of Excellence.
exit the prestigious complex at 131 Morristown Road consists of 212,000 SF of class "A" office space in two buildings.
Prestigious institutes were present including FIFA as well as a number of representatives from different National Federations and the members of the organization for the 2006 world cup.
com)-- Prestigious Models is extremely excited to celebrate their 10 year anniversary party this coming Friday, October 19th from 8pm - 11pm at Image Powerhouse Studio.
By doing this, prestigious underwriters can maintain their reputation and charge a high fee (Carter & Manaster, 1990).