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Prestigiously located in the center of Rome, the 6,500 sq m hotel comprises 96 rooms and suites over six floors, a roof garden, spa and a range of hospitality and dining facilities.
The Joint Plan of Action based on Geneva deal, is the result of our agreement with major world powers in the first step to recognize the Iranian nation's rights prestigiously, Rouhani said in a televised interview with the stat-run TV on Wednesday night.
Today it stands prestigiously in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore, and proudly epitomizes the glory of the Mughal Empire.
His work has also been prestigiously displayed internationally in numerous countries.
Therefore, the former has the better over the latter regarding who is a whore since he is more prestigiously credentialed.
He further shared that restaurant has been specially outfitted with a well furnished corporate room, offering a 25 persons seating capacity, this very creative yet detailed induction has been made in a vow to prestigiously facilitate the corporate class of the city.
Perhaps, as Sayers suggested and as Jesus' encounters with the professionally pious of his day proved, it is especially the prestigiously pious among us who reveal pride's most hideously debilitating malformities.
Such recognition is apparent in one of his most curious and neglected poems, "Melange Adultere de Tout," as well as in his prestigiously controversial poem The Waste Land.
Prestigiously positioned on the west coast of Bahrain, on Zallaq beach, and surrounded by a number of magnificent landmarks such as Al Areen Wild Life Park and City, Bahrain International Circuit (F1), and The Lost Paradise of Dilmun water park, the landmark hotel occupies 63,167 sq m of land with a total building area of 63,000 sq m.
If you're in the market for a prestigiously badged yet relatively affordable coupe, then BMW's 3 -Series Coupe will be one of the first cars you'll turn to.
Each year, the winning school receives a trophy and, equally prestigiously, the Kuk Sool Won flag which is retained for 12 months.
Similarly, Microsoft Lync, the crown jewel of Generation-e's UC solutions, has been prestigiously placed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant this year which means that deploying it will be at the top of to do lists for switched on CIO's.