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Each year, the winning school receives a trophy and, equally prestigiously, the Kuk Sool Won flag which is retained for 12 months.
Similarly, Microsoft Lync, the crown jewel of Generation-e's UC solutions, has been prestigiously placed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant this year which means that deploying it will be at the top of to do lists for switched on CIO's.
54) These details reflect a social distinction between the poor and unlearned Sawyer, whose conjurations are illiterate, and the prestigiously learned Faustus, whose magic is scholarly.
A humorous plot thread which went no-where was the Fockers' efforts to enrol their children into The Early Human School, prestigiously private and run by Prudence Simmons, an old friend of Kevin's.
On the one side are the old-line Uptown elites, families that trace their roots in New Orleans back to the antebellum era--or, even more prestigiously, to the French and Spanish colonial eras.
Nigel Lythgoe, who is joined by judges Arlene Phillips and Louise Redknapp on So You Thing You Can Dance, choreographed the BBC's Young Generation dance troupe for more than shows and worked with stars such as Gene Kelly, Bing Crosby, Shirley Bassey and, most prestigiously, the Muppets.
As Britian led the world in piano making, the piano was looked upon very prestigiously.
Chapter 1 sets the scene by dispelling a number of myths about Shakespeare's language--for instance, the notion that Shakespeare's vocabulary was prestigiously large.
The XC60 is priced rather higher than less prestigiously badged models, with the 2.
The head coaches will sometimes have an opportunity to elevate to a better position financially, prestigiously, or something he cannot reject.
Prestigiously poised on Sarasota Bay in proximity to the best of everything the area offers, this grand residence on St.
More prestigiously, they are likely to be professors.