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According to the images observed during the ultrasound diagnosis and during the monitoring of the ovarian stimulation, a presumable difficult aspiration of the follicles was foreseen, and our team thought that it was possible to ease and improve the oocyte retrieval described by Fatemi et al.
The spermatozeugmata are presumable transferred into the female reproductive tract during copulation via one of the intromittent organs.
Features of the update include the latest Android security update (presumable the August update) and stability enhancements.
In fact, the British are apparently increasing their diplomatic staff here, and more experienced diplomats will be working here, presumable in response to any security threats posed by Russia.
Thereof, these presumable monsters not so perversely created though - the 'devices' which are remotely controlled or governed further on the foundation of values the bosses hold.
As a consequence, occurrence of pozzolanic reaction between NS and CH is presumable.
[30] Human TH, CGRP, with presumable (n = 3) SP nociceptive nerve endings (PG, CGRP).
The presumable worn area for a tapered roller bearing is illustrated in Fig.4.
Presently these groups, with a presumable support of a ruling government with a massive majority, make arbitrary cultural appropriations.
In an effort to control costs - and presumable stave off future layoffs - while financing a digital expansion, ( The New York Times  offered voluntary buyout packages to employees in multiple departments. 
The box would then shut, presumable so Rita Ora couldn't escape.
The significance of signifiers to Kaufman is apparent within the film itself, even just in Caden's surname--Cotard, a presumable reference to Cotard's syndrome, a mental illness that causes individuals to believe they are the walking dead.