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Therefore, choosing the duration of the cycle and calculating presumable lengths of vehicle queues, it is important to know the number of possible cycles per hour with unsaturated and saturated flows.
A thorough overview of such later cemeteries, both certain and presumable (34 altogether), is given by Mati Mandel (2003, 141 ff.
In fact, this was perhaps precisely the moment that many readers like myself had been waiting for: one in which the volume before them made a clear break with established linguistic and cultural patterns of referentiality to make room for a different kind of cultural politics, one in which the French language is merely the vehicle for a wide range of transformative proposals arranged not in the order of their proximity to a agreed-upon center, but a linguistic register that actually allows for a radical remapping beyond the limits of self and origins toward the very threshold of otherness that this volume sets as its presumable destination.
If comparative effectiveness has been demonstrated for a new diagnostic technology, presumable there will be less of a struggle to get reimbursement secured.
The main initial goal in any presumable molecular testing is to obtain a high-quality, high-volume tumor specimen, which would in part depend on biopsy technique (Table).
I presume that if Elijah has to go to Acorn's Hospice the monetary cost will be quite high, but presumable the City Council housing officers need not bother about that, as it will come from a different pot.
A presumable lover turning into a sharp critic and orchestrating a character assassination campaign of the former muse in the media raises serious questions about not only motivation and credibility but also consistency and authenticity.
Plants used by Mexican traditional medicine with presumable sedative properties: an ethnobotanical approach.
That indicates a presumable tilting of the [alpha]-iPP lamellae with fold plane (010) to the sample surface.
Which has left the British politician floundering on the ropes and presumable wishing he had picked a softer target.
Elias, and his presumable death, is never returned to after he snaps a photo of Alex just before Michelle is shot.
The results show that simulated M26 and X26 waveforms, even when amplified, are not capable of eliciting Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) when applied to the ventricular muscle of guinea pigs hearts (Langendorff preparation), even though they are presumable more susceptible than human hearts.