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The bullet, presumably from the sniper rifle, was fired from the house and went through the vital organs of the soldier," the National Security Committee said.
'Today, with the holding of Former Ombudswoman Conchita Carpio-Morales by immigration authorities in Hong Kong as a security risk, presumably due to the ICC case that we had filed, we are experiencing more of the same,' Del Rosario said in a statement.
PRESUMABLY, Anthony Martial did not bother with the admin.
A motorcade presumably transporting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un headed to the St.
Presumably, Mr Dixon never uses a cash machine or uses a payment card, as this would reduce the need for bank tellers.
Which presumably went ahead yesterday without Martin.
Presumably he was still paid his fee for doing nothing, mirroring the last 10 years of his career.
Walker and Schacht didn't sue Mousley, presumably because they didn't personally lose any money with him.
Lady G, 28, was also clutching a tiny toy pig, who is presumably her new fashion idol.
Presumably, if I ring or email the addresses given (I don't have a computer) I would presumably have to give my bank details.
Presumably, it has something to do with the book's several awards and sales of nearly three million.