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Duterte's incoherent foreign policy, outright sellout of the West Philippine Sea to the Chinese for a few billion yuan, barbaric prodding of the police to kill his own people instead of offering rehabilitation, and last but not least, backyard foul-mouthed pronouncements (these coming from a President who presumably seeks peace but promotes violence) are the examples that we, the Filipino people, are asked to emulate, God help us!
Which presumably went ahead yesterday without Martin.
Presumably he was still paid his fee for doing nothing, mirroring the last 10 years of his career.
Walker and Schacht didn't sue Mousley, presumably because they didn't personally lose any money with him.
No, it has to be given a "twist" or "a different treatment", presumably in a bid to stop us nodding off as the curries and lagers slip down.
Lady G, 28, was also clutching a tiny toy pig, who is presumably her new fashion idol.
Presumably, if I ring or email the addresses given (I don't have a computer) I would presumably have to give my bank details.
Presumably, it has something to do with the book's several awards and sales of nearly three million.
Then it's back to the all-in-onesies, balaclavas d l presumably.
Presumably crosses between Eastern (purple), Western (white, red) and wild carrots led to the formation of the orange rooted carrot subspecies.