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Including physicians' preferences, Barnett and Kaserman found, in terms of societal benefits or yielding the greatest number of organs for transplantation, that conscription and organ markets ranked first and second; presumed consent and express donation tied for last.
For a person without symptoms, CT screening is unlikely to discover serious disease, and the potential harm to the individual may be greater than the presumed benefit.
As a painter Clarence Major reminds us that no good modem artist ever presumed to present a master vision of the world.
3%), the follow-up CRP level was a mean of nearly fivefold higher than the initial low one; this was the subset of patients with presumed bacterial superinfection.
371c, 371c-1): if a financial holding company directly or indirectly owns or controls more than 15 percent of the total equity of a company pursuant to this subpart, the company shall be presumed to be an affiliate of any member bank that is affiliated with the financial holding company.
What types of exclusions can be made from the presumed liabilities?
PETER MAKIN has a live chance of his first Royal Ascot winner for six years today when Presumed takes her unbeaten record into the cauldron of the Coronation Stakes.
This sea change in fashion is presumed to constitute some kind of moral censure of Salle's endeavor.
Previously, the 1992 Amendments to the Act included the provision that all individuals with disabilities were presumed to benefit from VR services in terms of an employment outcome unless the state VR agency demonstrated by clear and convincing evidence that the individual was incapable of doing so.
Women were presumed not interested in protecting the country or being all that they can be.
The first has to do with the rise of the medical profession and with it the bolstering (rather than presumed decline) of Galenism.
Because they presumed from the outset that men are smarter than women and that, therefore, a test result that showed the opposite had to have been structured poorly.