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Most records, including those of presumedly endemic forms are from natural environments (Suarez-Morales and Walsh, 2009); thus, suggesting that these systems should be surveyed in more detail.
Although summer-spawned bluefish presumedly dominated the catches of YOY across all habitats and temporal scales examined in our study, the recruitment success and contribution of these cohorts to year-class strength is unknown.
Furthermore, in the final sentences of O'Connor's stories, point of view tends to move imperceptibly from the limited and hence unreliable perceptions and feelings of her characters to the presumedly trustworthy assertions of an omniscient narrator, as is exemplified by the peremptory ending of "The Enduring Chill":
The titling of both works presumedly takes advantage of the popular vogue of Sebastian Brant's Ship of Fools printed in Lyon in 1498 and 1499.
At about the time the Hebrews were completing the Torah, the Greeks were coining the phrase ourion oon 'wind egg,' to refer to certain eggs that do not hatch, presumedly because they are conceived by the wind.
The speaker paradoxically claims to witness what she did not see, presumedly because she was anesthetized during mastectomy.
Presumedly the video itself will not need a legal colour clamp, as this will have been done in editing.
Given the widespread interest aroused by the poem, it was submitted to Eugenio Hartzenbusch, then Director of the National Library, for his presumedly expert opinion, which was that it was indeed by Cervantes, but not in his hand.
when the match is good; second, when a signifier is linked to a presumedly similar signified; and third, when a signifier is not linked to a signified--i.
Thus, that very winnowing focus necessarily reintroduces the very same problem of value choice that the presumedly descriptive enterprise was supposed to banish.
Dutch Olympic medallist Roy Heiner has been replaced by British sailor Neal McDonald as en-shipper with American navigator Mark Rudigar bet the second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race to Sydney and, presumedly, the third leg that includes the Sydney to Hobart.