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La derniere a coute la vie a trois membres presumes du groupe le 30 aout dernier dans le sud du Yemen.
Vingt-neuf membres presumes d'Al-Qaida ont ete tues dans de violents bombardements lances lundi contre leurs positions dans la region de Zinjibar, chef-lieu de la province d'Abyane, dans le sud du Yemen, a indique hier jeudi un responsable local.
In practical terms, eligible Veterans who have specific illnesses VA presumes to be associated with herbicide exposure do not have to prove an association between their illness and their military service.
Dr Richard Lewis, Welsh secretary of the British Medical Association, said, "Moving to a system that presumes consent, rather than presumes objection - as currently occurs - would not only increase organ donation rates, but it would also be more likely that the wishes of the deceased person would be respected.
She said: "It is very wrong to have a system which simply presumes people have given consent for their organs to be removed after death.
If the government presumes you want to hand your organs on to the needy, then I am sorry, but the government is presuming too much.
Smith's commentary presumes that Mayvis was crossing against the "Don't Walk" light.
Radcliffe presumes this refers to the sex-abuse scandals.
The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act of 2003 requires peeling paint to be removed from all apartments occupied by children under seven by 2007; requires lead testing when any rehabilitation is scheduled; landlords to fix violations within 14 days of notification; presumes lead paint to be present in all pre-60 apartments and; if a child is found to have elevated lead levels, holds the landlord responsible, regardless of the real source.
Generally, a state presumes a unitary relationship whenever unity of ownership, operation and use exists, as evidenced by centralized management, purchasing, advertising, accounting or other centralized interaction.
Finally, though, I think that our silence is attributable to the sheer, nuanced knowingness of Wesley's work and to our complicity in it, since the work presumes that we, too, are cognoscenti and that what we know goes without saying.