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43) Participants felt that presuming consent after death was a violation of civil rights and expressed concern that the government would fail to adequately inform all residents of Ontario (particularly new immigrants or those lacking capacity) of their rights and responsibilities under presumed consent.
The committee studying the possibility of the presuming the iron ores in Wade Alshate hold meeting yesterday in Tripoli headed by secretary of General People's Committee for industry and minerals.
And this goes to the nub of the matter: there is no point theoretically presuming consent if, when it comes to it, clinicians won't be willing to presume any such thing and will ask family members to decide.
Presuming consent isn't the same as obtaining it, so it's not really consent at all, and such a presumption effectively nationalises everyone's bodies.
Presuming consent rather than presuming objection is also more likely to achieve the aim of respecting the wishes of the deceased person.