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Utilizing HPLC is a faster, easier and less expensive way for presumptive identification of hemoglobinopathies; laboratories can reduce turnaround time from seven days to 24 hours.
As the minister came under criticism from various quarters, the Congress spokesperson seconded his view that the quantum of loss, as calculated by the CAG, was presumptive.
As a result, the VA has amended regulations to grant presumptive service-connection for Vietnam veterans with the disease.
Modified Lauryl Sulphate Tryptose Broth with MUG & Tryptophan OSO) is described in ISO 11866-1:2005 and is used in the HPA National Standard Method D5 for Enumeration of coliforms and presumptive Escherichia coli by the Most Probably Number (MPN) technique.
During an overseas predeparture exam, a requirement for entry into the United States, she received presumptive malaria treatment, with a course of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine.
31, 1971; however, now declassified Department of Defense (DoD) documents indicate that the testing period of toxic herbicides occurred before the current presumptive date range.
The CDC has confirmed less than half of the presumptive positive results from ZIKV Detect tests sent by LabCorp.
A total of 5,106 (31%) confirmed and 245 (1%) presumptive Zika virus infections were identified.
ChemImage Sensor Systems, a company that develops standoff chemical imaging sensors, has introduced a new Presumptive Identification feature for its VeroVision Mail Screener product.
While Clinton was not acting on her own, being appointed by the outgoing President Barack Obama to the office, Trump centered his criticism on the presumptive democratic presidential nominee, arguing Obama was unaware of the aftermath of his foreign policy as he trusted Clinton with her choices.
Donald Trump, the Republican Party's presumptive nominee, has seized on the email issue and repeatedly said the probe undermines his rival's fitness for office.
This could have been avoided if Congress had approved presumptive disability for Lejeune veterans.