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The presumptive approach now being considered is a probability approach in reverse.
Secretary Shinseki's decision to add these conditions to the list of Agent Orange presumptive conditions was based on a study by the Institute of Medicine, which indicated a positive association between exposure to certain herbicides and the subsequent development of one or more of the three conditions.
Adequate presumptive identification usually requires a combination of at least two techniques, one qualitative and one quantitative.
66%) were at risk and had a presumptive diagnosis of pre-skin cancer
The Department of Veterans Affairs expects that over the next two years about 200,000 Vietnam veterans will file disability compensation claims under an expansion of three new presumptive illnesses announced last year.
The most recent addition to Lab M's Enterococci range, Bile Aesculin Agar, is widely applicable for the isolation and presumptive identification of Enterococci/Group D Streptococci.
Gallup Poll Daily election tracking makes it possible to place McCain's current status as his party's presumptive nominee in historical perspective by providing the basis for a comparison to the support other front-runners have enjoyed in previous elections.
Alan King's front-runner Levera, whose injury in the Jersey Stakes at Royal Ascot last year forced him to miss the remainder of the season, but who made a winning comeback when beating Vortex in a conditions race at Lingfield in March, is 10-1 co-second favourite with Dabbers Ridge and Presumptive.
The highly enjoyable, empty-headed ``Dreamgirls,'' the presumptive best picture shoo-in since last February, was bumped from the top category by the dour, arty ``Letters From Iwo Jima.
Moreover, the results of serologic testing are presumptive and should be interpreted with caution.
Infection was defined as cases of confirmed diagnosis of infection and also those treated with antibiotics for any reason, including presumptive infection based on the presence of prolonged bleeding, abdominal pain, offensive discharge and/or pyrexia.
Various Establishment journals, including the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, gave this package rhetorical cover by praising its presumptive "new austerity" and "belt-tightening.