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Thus, the new waiver and EJJ laws' emphases on "public safety" and presumptive commitment offenses focused prosecutors' motioning practices primarily on violent offenders.
''In accordance with Finance Act, 2018, the presumptive tax shall become payable from January 1, 2019.
"A remarkable increase is seen in the number of ITRs filed by salaried individuals as also those availing the benefit of the Presumptive Taxation Scheme," it said.
This means that the government has still been losing colossal amounts of revenue to this self-declaration tax framework.Nonetheless, all seems not to be lost in Caesars pursuit of what rightfully belongs to him following a brilliant proposal in the 2018/19 budget statement to introduce a presumptive tax, which shall replace TOT.
Date, venue and timing of free chest camps where medical consultation and sputum smear microscopy (SSM) diagnostic service was to be provided free of cost to TB presumptive cases in that community were also announced.
However, our contact and containment plan was generally consistent with the following recommendations for each setting: (1) those contacts for whom evidence of presumptive immunity was available could continue attending work and school without interruption; (2) those contacts who had only received one dose of MMR should receive the second dose as soon as possible, provided the first dose was at least 28 days prior; and (3) those contacts for whom no evidence of immunity could be found were to be excluded from work and/ or school from postexposure day 12 through postexposure day 25.
The VA has established a presumptive service connection for veterans, reservists and National Guard members exposed to contaminants in the water supply at Camp Lejeune from Aug.
The CDC has confirmed less than half of the presumptive positive results from ZIKV Detect tests sent by LabCorp.
Cornyn endorsed Trump when he became the presumptive nominee and urged Republicans to unite behind him.
A total of 5,106 (31%) confirmed and 245 (1%) presumptive Zika virus infections were identified.
ChemImage Sensor Systems, a company that develops standoff chemical imaging sensors, has introduced a new Presumptive Identification feature for its VeroVision Mail Screener product.
However, if either the Zika virus or dengue virus tests are positive or equivocal, then there is a presumptive recent Zika virus or dengue virus or Flavivirus infection in the woman, at which point plaque reduction neutralization testing (PRNT) must be conducted.