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46) The list of these presumptively lawful regulations seems to explicitly exempt several types of regulation from the need for Second Amendment scrutiny by the lower courts:
Thus, under this provision, losses from an interest in a limited partnership as a limited partner are treated as presumptively passive.
1), by requiring the auditor to document his or her justification for a departure from a presumptively mandatory requirement in the working papers.
It showed no anthrax bacteria present on a sample from a piece of mail that earlier had tested presumptively positive for the bacteria in a private laboratory.
Each state and the federal government should review their sentencing laws, and sentencing or parole guidelines, to accomplish the following objectives: to provide that a community-based sanction is the presumptively appropriate penalty for persons who do not present a substantial danger to the community; and to ensure that the populations subject to the jurisdiction's prison, jail or community-sanctioning systems do not exceed each system's rated capacity.
He argues that economic theory provides a solid basis for the belief that monopoly pricing is presumptively inefficient in the sense most commonly used by economists in discussing issues of monopoly and competition.
In a patient with persistent depressive symptoms, low-normal thyroid function "should be treated presumptively as if it were hypothyroidism," he said.
Any person who engages in such conduct is presumptively unfit to have custody of minor children under the established laws of this State.
Cholelithiasis is common, and it is something we need to look at more closely and presumptively treat," said Lautz.
A second urine drug screen was performed and was presumptively positive for LSD by immunoassay (CEDIA, Microgenics Corporation; Emit II, SYVA Company).
It distinguished between technology permitting "through-the-wall surveillance," a search it admitted is presumptively unconstitutional, (26) and "off-the-wall surveillance," a search it assumed to be constitutional.