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The discussion throughout is organized around three modes of reasoning which Peter Wagner regards as fundamental to modernity: 'modernism', based on assumptions of individual autonomy and instrumental rationality, and two approaches critical of modernism's presumptiveness which, like romanticism and postmodernism, question either the desirability of such a starting point or its possibility.
While Jane recognizes the presumptiveness of Rochester's position, she nonetheless cannot resist the role Rochester has assigned her.
Moreover, by placing the two poems ("Your Phone Call" and "The Poem I Just Wrote") in this particular sequence she ironically reconfigures audience reactions to the first text by figuratively rubbing the two works together, a strategy that invites readers to laugh at their own gullibility and presumptiveness but also provokes them to reconsider who defines reality and what constitutes truth-telling.
Above all for both elites and intellectuals, to be anti-American, as one German journalist noted, `is to defend one's right to protect one's own tradition against the presumptiveness of the markpetplace psychology, the insistence on selling and reselling one's cultural values as if they were so many washing machines.