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But surely he is being presumptuous in seeking to impose an ill-defined devo-max option against the wishes of the majority.
Regarding Paul Kokoski's letter on "Presumptuous Catholics and a Just War," it is always good form to address the strong points of an argument made against one's own.
It felt rather presumptuous but, with colleagues' help, the article was published in a very good international journal.
I thought this presumptuous to say the least - especially when you recall what a brazenly commercial affair the day turned out to be.
Perhaps most important, though, was the mood of his work: at a moment when it was timely to be an explosive, presumptuous expressionist, Appelt, perhaps in deliberate reaction, became progressively more coolly scientific, detached, and impersonal, indeed self-effacing to the point of inscrutability.
Well, true enough, only a few days later, we caught a TV newscaster making the facile flub-referring to Duterte as the country's presumptuous president.
If he expects to sleep with you on the first night then he's being very presumptuous - so take charge of the situation.
Sir - Mark Isherwood AM should not be so presumptuous regarding the Assembly elections results.
George Moore, trainer of Presumptuous and Premier Drive ``Presumptuous was third at Hexham, but he doesn't want ground that soft so we have given him a break, freshened him up and got him in the shape to run a big race.
It is not for us Welsh to assimilate with him and his ilk,and it is presumptuous of him to suggest it.
Others point out that "just war" standards are not quite as simple as that (see under "Vatican," "United States," and the article "'Presumptuous' Catholics and "Just War").
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