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Suddenly that Penguin Classics imprint doesn't look so presumptuous after all.
To write that women who commit abortions are wounded for life, and after having an abortion, women always find that they are plagued by deep-rooted guilt is presumptuous, to say the least.
In 1988, heavy metal band Manowar released the album "Kings of Metal," and if that title might have been a bit presumptuous, one thing is certain: They never stopped working to live up to the moniker.
the presumptuous fingers of those ever-present fawning hands.
But when women do it, they are seen as being too domineering, too presumptuous," the Daily Mail quoted Victoria Brescoll as saying.
I feel it is very presumptuous to think a good nurse is someone who is also a Christian.
We are being presumptuous and arrogant to think that we have the right to determine who are "the good guys" that should be in power in that sovereign nation.
Clarifying on rumours that the bank would soon shift its headquarters elsewhere from London, the bank said that reports of 'imminent change' were 'speculative and presumptuous.
It was followed up by: "It would be inappropriate and presumptuous at this time to respond to questions.
According to him, it would now be presumptuous to say when exactly the bank could pay back the money.
It is understandable the majority of motorists travelling at peak times to and from the town will be in favour of a bypass but, without a vote to ascertain the broader interest in this project, your reader is being too presumptuous.