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The late Christopher Hitchens argued in a presumptuously titled article ' Why women aren't funny' that women's inability to crack jokes springs from a very basic difference between the two genders -- men have no resort other than joking around to win a woman over.
A much-heralded movement in 2011, presumptuously called "Arab Spring," was expected to bring freedoms and enlightenment to countries in the Middle East that in the past had been suppressed by autocratic leaders.
Covering a time period shorter by 798,500 years than the Spanish atlas, this French volume is part of Belin's "Histoire de France", 13 volumes of text and an atlas, billed, somewhat presumptuously as 'La premiere Histoire de France du [XXI.
Don't forget that she grew increasingly imperious as she aged, a process culminating with her announcing: "We have become a grandmother" - presumptuously usurping the royal 'we' and giving reporters their best laugh for weeks.
Only after the bird has been stuffed, when it is least like the thing it was, can the boy presumptuously and ironically declare "at last a red-tail" (54).
Or could it be that these men presumptuously assumed that they were the only ones whom God could hire and use for such work and therefore made sure that women were not part of those waiting?
4) mentioned that harmonious coexistence entails the essence of democracy and cultural diversity, but "not a hegemonic monopoly which presumptuously claims to speak for all the countries.
Bahrain does not presumptuously pretend to be perfect or that its profile is devoid of some obstacles which may obstruct the implementing of recommendations and undertakings," he added.
This American sense of global arrogance already extends to several other domains in which lawmakers in Washington -- most of whom are deeply ignorant of the world beyond their borders -- presumptuously issue reports and rankings about the status of human rights, religious freedoms, press freedoms, democracy or other such issues around the world.
he said, a little presumptuously, before a mate brought him an indecently huge pot full of "pork feet and pork tails".
federal appeals case and its misinterpretation of an NMT principle--stating, a bit presumptuously, that "if this study had existed a few years ago, the court might have reached a very different conclusion.