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Negative face is defined as people's need for freedom and independence from presumptuousness, whereas positive face pertains to the desire for others' gratefulness and appreciation.
He has told his children "to keep the milk and the prunes secret, lest Owad [their cousin] should hear of it and laugh at them for their presumptuousness" (MB 378).
The writer's presumptuousness and his attempt to belong in Venice mimic, on some levels, Cantwell's own behavior.
(3) Posnock (116-17) mentions Lucy's stone-like character, relating her moral perfectionism to the presumptuousness of Hawthorne's Goodman Brown (117) while briefly alluding to "the man of adamant" as one of Hawthorne's "pariahs" (56) and while mentioning, though without elaborating on, the spectrum of "Hawthorne's men of adamant," noting that their "descendants are Lucy Nelson and Swede Levov" (118).
Watching The Maelstrom with this assessment in mind, we may consider the film an ur-example of Forgacs allergy to the presumptuousness of metaphors related to historical purity.
Perhaps they worry that assessor relativism doesn't allow for testimonial evidence because relativism encourages a sort of epistemic presumptuousness. Perhaps their point is that since assessment relativism says that it's what the assessor knows that matters for the truth of epistemic modal claims, it gives the assessor license to simply ignore the evidence of others.
Melville lampooned the presumptuousness of critics in Chapter 99 of Moby-Dick, "The Doubloon," through the simpler-minded second mate, Stubb, who scolds, "Book!
Poetry, in other words, retains an ironic relation to actualized or present forms, or as I have said above, it is engaged with ""writing itself, even if it (necessarily) may always fail to retain this ironic distance or to sufficiently undermine its own presumptuousness. To cultivate something like a poetics of unacknowledgement, or as Pyle ultimately argues in his conclusion to "Frail Spells," to cultivate irony as the permanent parabasis of "spelling," (33) is, in the case of Shelley's "Hymn," to think the name as remainder.
Despite that distinction, however, to open in Bangkok itself seemed to many as the height of presumptuousness. Thompson was, after all, an outsider, even with a Thai partner and even if he read and spoke fluent Thai.
Where "Olympus" was at least cloddishly good-humored in its "Die Hard" stylings, there's something coldly snarling and vindictive about its sequel's flag-waving, as well as a presumptuousness that global auds will invest equally in its on-screen fight for American leaders and freedoms, at any cost to those of other nations.
Academics, by contrast, blasted what they took to be the work's interpretive presumptuousness, more or less driving (the untenured) Goldhagen out of academia.
It's about Hillary Clinton: her presumptuousness, the whole email mess, the sloppy administration of the Clinton Foundation, the sense that scandals are as inextricable from her political identity as pantsuits.