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Factive verbs are items which presuppose the truth of their complement proposition and which have specific syntactic properties that are associated with factivity (cf.
Could it ever be right to say that a language--as opposed to a speaker of the language--makes, or presupposes or somehow commits itself to certain claims?
So the only question remains whether a positivist can presuppose the appointment of the IGC by the occupiers as the new Iraq's "basic norm." In fact, to do so a positivist must forget a norm of International Law that pre-existed the events in question by decades.
Since regular human experience in the material world is not characterized by "starkness," this vision must presuppose a different, spiritual reality discoverable through a "click" (as it happens to Moses in Exodus 33-34).
It ends when we are finally able to define what the actual problem is, and not in terms that beg the question or presuppose a quick solution.
Doesn't that presuppose that the hydrogen for fuel is generated from a fossil source?
They argue that traditional ISD models are limited because they presuppose the primary task is to design and develop new training materials and because the medium for training delivery is already predetermined to be the Web.
This list was not endorsed by me and I am the only person who issued a number of invitations, which does not presuppose acceptance.
The cries of anguish by higher ed because of reductions in state funding appear to presuppose that adequate funds exist and it is only because the anti-intellectuals, rednecks, and reactionaries in state and local government are somehow "punishing" education, that adequate funding is not being made available.
CW reviewed the upsized lexicon last fall; the new college edition responds to newer problems: Says editor Soukhanov, "We found that the usage notes of college dictionaries presuppose a level of grammatical and syntactic literacy on the undergraduate level that simply does not exist today.
Individual shareholders ask questions that seem to presuppose continued steady, longer term growth in most sectors, with investment risk reserved for certain Internet startups where the return can be as spectacular as the loss.
Elsewhere in her discussion Kristeva claims that presupposition "owns" that which it presupposes; she puns with the French verbs "to presuppose" (presupposer) and "to posit oneself" (de se poser), arguing that it is through the act of presupposing that self-assertion is achieved.