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However, it can actually take place only if the presupposed proposition is uncontroversial and does not conflict with propositions which are already established as true in the context.
Grundnorm does not establish the first legislative act in the strictly historical sense but rather it is necessarily presupposed by that very act.
The previous judgement presupposed the existence of a "right to have a child" and had ignored national sovereignty in bioethical issues.
If all the language were structured like this, it would be reasonable to say that it presupposed i) that there are objects and ii) that there are properties.
On the one hand, graduation rates are unquestionably in need of improvement; on the other, they are higher than presupposed, and getting better.
That, according to positivists, depends on whether a given rule can be traced to an authorized social source, all the way back to what Kelsen called the "basic norm" the existence of which must necessarily be presupposed by the legal scientist as a fiction.
But the Catholic drive to convert presupposed that the natives had souls and thus in some way were related to the colonists.
Taking modern fiction in Spanish America as a test case, Millay (colonial and contemporary Latin American literature, Tufts U.) contends that the presupposed notions of differences between oral and written culture are best perceived as rhetorical strategies in the elaboration of literature.
In 1923, a joint NAR-led committee approved a textbook series and two-year curriculum; by 1925, people were talking about the need for University-level instruction in "realology," a discussion that presupposed an objective body of knowledge and imagined a future for realtors as the arbiters of American land policy.
Talentum added that the positive trend presupposed no further weakening in demand in the advertising and marketing sector.
These literary languages would be written in Russian letters and "enhanced" with Russian loan words, but ultimately the "method" presupposed a pursuit of Russification based on encouraging rather than rejecting "alien" language.
My father presupposed this was naturally there: I wasn't that confident.'