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Sentence S presupposes P iff not only S, but also other members of the S family imply P (and assume as background) P.
In this paper I want to present some recent data from linguistics that supports a less commonly discussed, and rather surprising version of the idea that a language can be non-neutral: namely the claim that English presupposes the existence of locations or places.
THE letter No Democracy presupposes we had democracy prior to May 3, which certainly was not the case.
Because the exegetical category of "promise" presupposes the hiddenness of God--even within God's revelation to human beings--to which the biblical texts bear witness in diverse ways, it can provide means for avoiding the injustices of hegemonic interpretation and for bearing witness to the God whose promises are simultaneously mysterious and sure.
A true and stable peace presupposes respect For human rights.
This book presupposes that advances in the use of timber are engineering led, which is surely correct.
It suggests that analyzing texts addressed to children presupposes that such an addressee imposes a number of restrictions on the author, who purposefully adheres to these criteria in order to achieve her/his desired goals in writing for children, as well as the approval of educational institutions.
Bodyguard Principles presupposes the reader has training in physical self-defense with or without weapons, and focuses upon the broader principles and methodologies of providing security rather than in-depth coverage of any martial arts.
Your cover story subtitle, "American oil companies need to develop domestic sources of supply, but the government won't let them," presupposes that the only answer to our fuel problem is petroleum.
Determinism is a symptom of scientism, meaning it presupposes that science is complete and truthful, because nothing of human experience can lie outside of the realm of materialistic science.