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However, it seems likely that the Conservatives will achieve an overall majority if the polls are to be believed and presupposes the Lib Dems will lose an unspecified number of seats including, hopefully, Berwick-upon-Tweed.
Consciousness presupposes rationality, rationality presupposes life, and life presupposes God.
Jackie's suggestion that Lewis's world championship campaign depends on Heikki's assistance presupposes that Heikki's task is to drive in support of Lewis, and that simply isn't the case.
of London, UK), because it presupposes an essential division between humanity and power that does not exist.
The work presupposes some knowledge of computer terminology.
Discussions in Chapters 1 and 2 center on three "points" that Darwall uses to construct his arguments: Strawson's ("Desirability is a reason of the wrong kind for holding others responsible"), Fichte's (second-personal address constitutes a "summons" from one to another that presupposes mutual agency), and Pufendorf's (in order for a reason to be binding, the agent to which it applies must be able to recognize it as such).
She wrote, "The unusually high level of disclosure imposed in this case is justified by: the underlying fact that the defendants were employees of the plaintiff when they began working in competition with the plaintiff, the judicial determination that this was an appropriate case in which to issue an Anton Pillar order, the size of the claim, which exceeds $50 million, and the great IT expertise of the parties which presupposes that at least some of the work required to provide the required level of disclosure can be done in-house.
Written especially for graduate and upper-level undergraduate mathematics students, Summa Summarum presupposes a thorough foundation of algebra in its numerous sample mathematical equations and summations.
THE letter No Democracy presupposes we had democracy prior to May 3, which certainly was not the case.
Because the exegetical category of "promise" presupposes the hiddenness of God--even within God's revelation to human beings--to which the biblical texts bear witness in diverse ways, it can provide means for avoiding the injustices of hegemonic interpretation and for bearing witness to the God whose promises are simultaneously mysterious and sure.
A true and stable peace presupposes respect For human rights.
This book presupposes that advances in the use of timber are engineering led, which is surely correct.