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Whether I can use the word "law" depends on whether these texts are in any way connected to an efficacious legal system of post-invasion Iraq as well as presupposing their fictitious authoritative social source.
Real solutions to real problems are much easier to find if the actual problem is well understood and clearly stated, without presupposing any particular solution.
This raises the issue of how much the mountain-born Chiara could have read and understood her younger lover's letters with classical allusions (based on letter-writing guides); Weinstein presupposing limited female literacy postulates a clerical interpreter, fra Bartolomeo.
Gazprom, presupposing construction of several gas pipelines from Russia to China, plans to build gas pipelines from the Tomsk Region, southwestern Siberia, to northern provinces of China; from the Irkutsk Region, southern Siberia, via Mongolia, to central China; from Yakutia, northern Siberia, along the China Eastern Railway, to Shanghai; and from Sakhalin Island to Japan.