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In contrast with acts of saying or implicating, acts of presupposing are acts of taking it to be understood, since in this case, as seen in Stalnaker's definition, the speaker, who believes that [phi], takes it that the hearer also assumes or believes that [phi].
Thus one basic difference between (conversationally) implicating and (pragmatically) presupposing is that between giving and taking something to be understood.
The advantage of the common ground theory of presupposition over the view of pragmatic presuppositions as acts of presupposing is that it manages to separate what a sentence requires of the context and what rules the speaker of the sentence should follow.
As we saw resolution 1500 cannot be read as impliedly repealing the provisions of the 1907 Convention (in fact UN security council has no jurisdiction to change Conventions), so any lawyer aware of the Convention would have no chance of presupposing the appointment of this IGC as a basic norm.
Elsewhere in her discussion Kristeva claims that presupposition "owns" that which it presupposes; she puns with the French verbs "to presuppose" (presupposer) and "to posit oneself" (de se poser), arguing that it is through the act of presupposing that self-assertion is achieved.
In this interpretation, Catherine Morland is a naive reader, misreading the world through her beloved Gothic novels ("'I should like to spend my whole life in reading [Udolpho]'" [23]) and presupposing a wife-murderer in her potential suitor's father, General Tilney.
The lesson of Northanger Abbey for contemporary intertextualists and presupposing readers lies in its "not unparodic" escape artistry.
In Chapter 11 Darwall addresses the remaining possibility that despite the necessity of presupposing obligation and autonomy in order to reason second-personally, these concepts are nonetheless "empty.