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Moreover, this paper sets out to demonstrate that under the presuppositions of Harvey Road rotating majorities do not correct most of the inefficiencies that they produce, especially those associated with public debt.
The presupposition from 3.4(x) (Barbara is in jail) enables Andres in 3.4(y) to add the new information that Barbara was sentenced to a lengthy prison term.
Inference, reference, referring expression, presupposition, entailment, co-text and context are also beneficial in business communication.
Since then, the focus of research shifted to the pragmatic aspects of presupposition, and Robert Stalnaker integrated the pragmatic concepts of background information, shared knowledge, or common ground into the study of semantics.
(Takamura 2007, 153-155) If I look at this poem inductively, in the absence of biographical, historical, and cultural context (as well as bracketing New Critical privileging of irony, metaphor, ambiguity, etc., and the critical presuppositions of any other critical theory), I can still achieve an aesthetic experience with this literary work.
As stated earlier, the unit of analysis for the present paper is linguistic presupposition, which can be defined as an implicit assumption about the world or background belief upon which the truth of a statement hinges.
What was necessary to resolve that impasse was to identify and challenge the core presupposition preventing a physical interpretation of the Lorentz transformations.
We think this conclusion reopens a few issues about the semantics and the pragmatics of cleft sentences, in particular one, namely: how much of "exhaustiveness" should be codified as a "conventional feature" of cleft sentences (as an entailment, or as a presupposition, or, yet, as a generalized implicature, for example), and how much should be derived by contextual calculation?
One condition is that the presupposition set should be satisfied.
Presupposition is also a text-forming factor, pertaining to cohesion.
As I stated earlier, this called for the utilization of a pluridisciplianry approach that helped me to mix linguistics and mathematical approaches: more precisely, Linguistic Presupposition and Fractal Methodology.
Bateson wrote that Americans (with whom, it should be noted, he lived and worked quite happily), 'have a strange response to any articulate statement of presupposition. Such a statement is commonly assumed to be hostile or mocking or--and this is the most serious--authoritarian' (M&N, 27).