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The intention in this paper is to proffer a tentative explanation of the strength of the commitment to education about the environment in terms of taken-for-granted presuppositions about teaching and curriculum.
As singular and linear, the presupposition of uniqueness emerged, and the result is a shift from a modernity to the modern, to modernity itself, came about as presumably isomorphic with European reality.
Presupposition is also a text-forming factor, pertaining to cohesion.
As I stated earlier, this called for the utilization of a pluridisciplianry approach that helped me to mix linguistics and mathematical approaches: more precisely, Linguistic Presupposition and Fractal Methodology.
Bringing to light the unspoken presupposition of the libertarian ideal--the atomic isolation of individuals--shows the radical individualist argument to be deeply problematic, because it actually implies radical and continuous violations of peoples' freedom precisely as a result of the assertion of absolute individual freedom.
As long as a presupposition remains uninvestigated, we cannot know whether we are acting on the basis of reality or mirage.
He continued: "In reality, not only can this presupposition no longer be taken for granted, but it is often openly denied.
These presuppositions form our thought and, once revealed, compel us to keep re-writing the history of it.
It sets forth the presupposition that an expression makes sense, that there is a link between separate terms, which also means between concepts, problems, and theories that seem at first sight to bear no direct relation to one another.
Deployment of nuclear weapons is not the presupposition for the provision of the U.
It more likely reveals a deeply entrenched presupposition of the questioner.