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What was necessary to resolve that impasse was to identify and challenge the core presupposition preventing a physical interpretation of the Lorentz transformations.
The literature on "exhaustiveness inferences" of clefts generally has focused on one goal: to clarify their nature as far as the typology of semantic-pragmatic inferences is concerned--that is, to determine whether it is an entailment, a presupposition or some kind of implicature.
A prime consideration in attempting to explain the strength of the commitment to education about the environment is the fact that we all hold, often uncritically, a number of presuppositions about curriculum and classroom practice which tend to influence or constrain our education-related actions.
The presupposition set thus determined constrains the class of contexts where the sentence can be felicitously used, since a sentence can be used to update only the information states which entail the presupposed propositions.
Presupposition works in narrative terms in that it situates the speaker with regard both to the audience and to the utterance.
Presupposition is also a text-forming factor, pertaining to cohesion.
As I stated earlier, this called for the utilization of a pluridisciplianry approach that helped me to mix linguistics and mathematical approaches: more precisely, Linguistic Presupposition and Fractal Methodology.
Bringing to light the unspoken presupposition of the libertarian ideal--the atomic isolation of individuals--shows the radical individualist argument to be deeply problematic, because it actually implies radical and continuous violations of peoples' freedom precisely as a result of the assertion of absolute individual freedom.
Most therapy presupposition taxonomies are based on epistemology (Pepper, 1942; Royce, 1964), but some include other classes of presuppositions (e.
As long as a presupposition remains uninvestigated, we cannot know whether we are acting on the basis of reality or mirage.