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And while the study of the African ethics has been so far cornered to the use of ethno-philosophy; we advocated a new approach which entailed the use of deduction from an empirical base to establish the kemetic cosmological argument (KCA) and the presuppositional use of the KCA to prove the existence of solar scientific normative ethics.
Presuppositional conjunctions and conjuncts also represent a well-studied class, illustrated by items like "but," "however," "therefore.
This type of presupposition is triggered by presuppositional discourse stretches such as "Diaz considered Gonzalez to be his most trusted and loyal subordinate, a factor which contributed greatly toward Gonzalez' becoming President in 1880," "The years between 1880 and 1884 marked the first period of any significant length when relations between the two nations (i.
Can they figure as phenomenological stipulations that provide the same internal critique and self-elimination of presuppositional knowing that the entire Phenomenology of Spirit aims to furnish?
We have been focusing on the expression of knowledge through language and especially with the presuppositional role of the core concepts of ordinary language.
Garcia-Carpintero, Manuel, 2000a, "A Presuppositional Account of Reference Fixing", The Journal of Philosophy, vol.
Indeed, woven into the Enlightenment worldview at a basic, presuppositional level is an antireligious bias (Gellner, 1992; Gray, 2008).
as logos and being and is thus ensnared in the presuppositional logic
These analyses began, I believe, with a presuppositional analysis of the two awkward particles only and even (Horn Presuppositional: only was revisited in Horn Exclusive), which was quickly followed by an examination of the semantic properties of the logical operators in English (Horn Semantic) and then by possibly the most comprehensive discussion of natural language negation ever seen (Horn Metalinguistic, Natural).
Using presuppositional language, the counselor can then say, "Tell me about a time when the brain injury tried to discourage you from doing something you wanted to do, but you did not listen," and follow up with "How were you able to get yourself to do that?
We argue that this method harbored flawed assumptions about the phenomenological experience of film viewing, specifically the presuppositional nature of the film-viewing experience, and created an epistemological paradox.
Substantial transmissions: A presuppositional analysis of 'The Old Javanese Text' as an object of knowledge, and its implications for the study of religion in Bali.