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But because, as Stephen Levinson is quite correct in pointing out, "constancy under negation is not in fact a rich enough definition to pick out a coherent, homogenous set of inferences," the tests for presuppositional defeasibility (the notion that presuppositions are liable to evaporate in certain contexts) and the projection problem of presuppositions (i.
Can they figure as phenomenological stipulations that provide the same internal critique and self-elimination of presuppositional knowing that the entire Phenomenology of Spirit aims to furnish?
New helping models--built on a Native presuppositional foundation rather than an Enlightenment presuppositional foundation--must be constructed.
These analyses began, I believe, with a presuppositional analysis of the two awkward particles only and even (Horn Presuppositional: only was revisited in Horn Exclusive), which was quickly followed by an examination of the semantic properties of the logical operators in English (Horn Semantic) and then by possibly the most comprehensive discussion of natural language negation ever seen (Horn Metalinguistic, Natural).
Using presuppositional language, the counselor can then say, "Tell me about a time when the brain injury tried to discourage you from doing something you wanted to do, but you did not listen," and follow up with "How were you able to get yourself to do that?
We argue that this method harbored flawed assumptions about the phenomenological experience of film viewing, specifically the presuppositional nature of the film-viewing experience, and created an epistemological paradox.
Substantial transmissions: A presuppositional analysis of 'The Old Javanese Text' as an object of knowledge, and its implications for the study of religion in Bali.
Here we rediscover how in its inherently reverberant aspect accented sound can push concentrically outward in waves, enacting socializing rhythms at once articulated by class and conveyed by presuppositional force (as DuPlessis says, sound precedes message): the two dialects in Monk's cotton-mill hometown of Blackburn mirror the gendered division of labour.
Such positional verbs typically have two uses, a presuppositional use vs.
Stories have their effect, after all, because human beings can understand each other across presuppositional lines.
Christianity is a faith of reason based on historical, legal, and scientific evidence, presuppositional and philosophical arguments, prophetic fulfillments, extensive biblical records, and moral logic.
that the instruction concerning the question of origins be done within the presuppositional approach in order to demonstrate the religious nature of the two models of origins" (CCEO website, accessed 2006).