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In this excerpt, Liam has initiated a role play, but has not signalled this with an overt proposal to pretend.
I pretend all the time, whether it's pretending to fly or pretending there's a secret cave under the school and that I'll be the first to discover and explore it I love pretending--it gives you the power and courage to do anything
Summary: Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler play a pretend couple getting ready for a divorce in the romantic comedy, Just Go With It.
The monthly outgo of the pretend buyer remains the same.
It emphasizes the relationship between pretend play and the cognitive and affective development of young children, and highlights children's need to experience high-quality talk and their engagement in narrative through story making.
synonyms: impersonate, play, and act mean to pretend to be somebody else.
BETWEEN wrecked disco balls and discarded kazoos hides hot new Teesside band MY PRETEND ORCHESTRA, boldly playing pop songs through an inventory of pocket grooves and assorted mix tapes.
The young apes indeed progressed through the stages of pretend play in the same way that human children do, the researchers report in the July-September Cognitive Development.
And the makers of Aunt Jemima frozen blueberry waffles no longer pretend that their waffles are made with blueberries.
government (along with the rest of the world's nations) pretend that Mongolia is now truly independent of Beijing's communist control.
Often we want to stop our ears and pretend we do not hear God's voice; often, we do not want to follow God's will, preferring instead, like Eli, to do what we want when we want.