pretend to be

References in classic literature ?
They usually pretend to be flowers, because the court sits in the Fairies' Basin, and there are so many flowers there, and all along the Baby Walk, that a flower is the thing least likely to attract attention.
Pretend to be Beyonce in concert, that time she was splashing around in the water: 5 minutes.
I like the Indo women best because their hair is shiny and because I don't have to pretend to be interested when they talk, though there are words I understand: mas, husband; anak, kid; tidak papa, no problem.
We make a plan that I will pretend to be him and he will hide in the mausoleum.
He said: "I don't pretend to be able to write a great thesis or doctorate - I have no pretensions in that direction.
The fun-loving girls still pretend to be each other when trying to avoid the advances of a man they are not interested in.
Tell the leaders in Africa that they are not untouchable, as they pretend to be. They steal from their own countries, and it all ends up back here in the U.S.
If I play the role of Shakespeare's Hamlet or Saint Joseph in a Nativity play, I pretend to be someone I am not; it is fantasy.