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The drill last year also simulated an earthquake scenario, complete with medic, rescue workers, and equipment to "rescue" employees who pretended to be hurt or dead.
My feet is walking' as he put his shoes on his hands and walked them across the floor; and David's comment '1 eat it a grapes' as he pretended to eat grapes made from playdough.
Red China pretended to grant Mongolia full autonomy in 1990--and the United Nations and the U.
At one stage, Hammond also pretended to be from Interpol and had an Iraqi family stopped on a ferry heading to Dover after claiming they were al Qaida suspects.
We pretended to be in love, and lots of people asked me if I felt embarrassed to kiss a woman.
YOUNGSTERS at a Coventry school pretended their teacher was an invading Spaniard and mounted a military charge as they learned about the Tudors.
I took the brush, pretended to be the make-up artist, and started stabbing her.
J) and (K) pretended to eat from the plates on the table; then the following occurred:
I pretended to be meek but I was not I pretended to be silent but I was seething I thought I was confessional but I was teething On my gristly, phony baloney.
troops to Bosnia--even as he let it be known that he would not feel bound by congressional rejection--he pretended to lead; Congress, voting with its feet, pretended to exercise responsible oversight; and we, the people, our civic and moral consciousness dulled by the Cold War, pretended to enjoy democracy.
Ross Perot is a self-made man who never pretended to be anything else, but many of America's recently rich act as if they're ashamed of having succeeded on their own.