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Woman first fell onto ground pretending as a fainted patient in a busy neighborhood in ystanbul's KadykE[micro]y district.
Bernice is pretending she is over Andy Bernice is pretending she is over Andy |
NHS boob job row girl Josie Cunningham - who claimed she was duped by a love rat pretending to be an ex-Midland soccer star - is being linked with the new series of I'm A Celebrity.
Re I'll Stop Pretending to Be a Christian, Encrusted Words, Online Blog
MORE than three-quarters of Britons admit to having lied to appear more intelligent, with people regularly claiming to have read classic literary works or pretending to speak a foreign language in a bid to impress others.
The study also discovered that talking loudly about politics, re-tweeting a social media post on metaphysics or pretending to be a wine buff, were other little acts of make-believe.
A PM imposing austerity on those considerably less well-off than himself is a political challenge this Conservative should be honest about instead of pretending he too struggles to pay the household bills.
He plays Philip Larkin in Pretending to be Me, a dramatised compilation from the letters, articles and poems of the poet and university librarian in Hull, where Courtenay was brought up.
The movie follows the story of Danny, Sandler, a plastic surgeon who keeps commitment crazy women at bay by pretending to be married.
Perhaps Arthur was only pretending to be dead: just play-acting like when we quarrelled over writing his letter to Dad; his play-acting could be so real.
BOY George has blasted George Michael for pretending to be straight during the 80s.
Revelation 3:1 (New Living Translation) ARE you pretending to be someone you are not?