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One of the diagnostic features of autism is difficulties in pretend play.
But it's a bit scary when one pretends to be a pilot.
DENISE Van Outen pretends to be Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson on the beach, she has revealed.
Volcker's 219-page report pretends to present the results of a no-holds-barred investigation of the multi-billion dollar UN scandal.
While his grandfather, Robert Burdick, washes his pickup truck at McKenzie Fire and Rescue's Holeman Station, 7-year-old Daniel Burdick pretends to take one of the fire district's pumper trucks for a spin as it sits in the bay of the station at Nimrod.
A certain percentage of the population takes advantage of this and pretends [homosexuality] doesn't exist.
Like the purple shaft, the yellow rectangles modify the big impact with a spatial sophistication the image pretends not to have.
Like the old Soviet economy, the new Russian one pretends to be larger and stronger than it is.
Like Samuel Richardson, Chamoiseau evokes a divided community of talkers, in which some are incomprehensible to others, or one group pretends not to understand another (or pretends to understand another).