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Addressing a seminar, 'India: A Pretentious Regional Power' as chief guest, the minister said that Pakistan in particular would have to understand India on that account (as a pretentious regional power) so as to ensure it is prepared to meet any challenge militarily.
I come from a council estate in Kirby in Liverpool, I'm not a pretentious person.
PRETENTIOUS Stars waste their time in movie of self-indulgence
"I'm not bothered about wacky and pretentious food," he said.
Wellington, FL, March 31, 2012 --( Pretentious Puppy Boutique is thrilled to announce the opening of their new online boutique.
It is an establishment where a coffee is a coffee is a coffee, no pretentious names and no pretentious prices.
The problem I have with Hay is its pretentious, elitist, self-glory.
While I agree with a previous writer that using "Esq." after lawyers' names is both silly and pretentious, I have to wonder at his continued use of the phrase "Attorney at Law." Except in the exceedingly rare instance when it is genuinely necessary to distinguish an attorney-at-law from an attorney-in-fact, the "at Law" portion of that title is just as unnecessary and pretentious as "Esq."
award (Pretentious, Indulgent Smarmy Halfwit) is hereby awarded to the personification of narcissism that is John Mayer.
Singer Robbie Williams has revealed he was told to change the planned name of his comeback album - because it was "too pretentious".
OSCAR winner Daniel Day-Lewis has been blasted by Bond babe Eva Green for being "pretentious."
Or are both these just pretentious? The tale of the Emperor's new clothing comes to mind.