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I come from a council estate in Kirby in Liverpool, I'm not a pretentious person.
PRETENTIOUS Stars waste their time in movie of self-indulgence
I'm not bothered about wacky and pretentious food," he said.
Originally from NYC the fashion capital of the world, the founders of pretentious Puppy Boutique know what it is to be stylish and what makes a fashion forward pampered pet happy
Only days later, he's back spouting pretentious, nonsensical tosh including "How young is too young an age to teach your kids to live like they're dying?
A person is fake when pretentious or histrionic, a poseur or a pseud.
People would quite rightly go, that's pretentious, which is what my management did.
Casino Royale stunner Eva, 28, said: "It is a bit pretentious.
Why not ask us what we want instead of seeking to impose this pretentious rubbish on us all ?
THE very worst films are those pretentious ones with no story beyond: "Here are some people.
What about knighthoods for Philip Glenister and John Simm for services to a public which is bored with embarrassing reality shows and pretentious presenters finding homes for equally pretentious people - and couldn't wait for Tuesday nights for the next episode of this cracking series?