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We are talking about are a bundle of interesting property deeds found in an attic in Liverpool which relate to a property in Edge Lane - number 303 to be precise - known rather pretentiously as Holyrood House which was in the "Manor of West Derby".
An industrial robot with a mechanical structure of cylindrical type with at least 5 DOF may solve the problem, but the prismatic joints are pretentiously even in case of cold manufacturing processes.
Still, give me the don't-give-a-damn style of a Borissov any day, over a pretentiously camouflage-clad Castro or tent-bearing nauseating Gaddaf, or for that matter, a freshly pressed Western pol of any country of your choice.
Pretentiously, this group goes as far as saying if the SPLM-DC party chairman has been a different personality, they would join the party in a big number.
Anastasi knows that found-object art is a sort of cheap intellectual opium, that Minimalism is even more mindless and facile, and, more grandly, that avant-garde art as such is a pretentiously unintelligible farce.
His overtures were rudely rebutted by her relentlessly political and pretentiously pious aunt, Lady Joan Barrington.
Comfortable" seems an inadequate word for the suite we were subsequently shown too, which was clean, airy, spacious, plush, but not pretentiously so, and tastefully decorated in a style befitting a hall which dates back three centuries.
Though he tries, pretentiously, to woo her with his multilingual pretensions: He tells her her name -- we're talking "Becky" here -- is not just "beautiful," but "tres jolie.
Such norms are also adopted by journalists who pretentiously attempt to report news in an unambiguous 'fashion' (Fowler, 1991).
Incremental success proved intoxicating as Wilbur and Orville worked to perfect their flying machines in an Ohio cow pasture pretentiously named Huffman Prairie.
From the ludicrous nonlanguage in All's Well That Ends Well, invented to perplex the pretentiously polyglot Parolles, to Dario Fo's commedia-inspired grammelot four centuries later (a mix of real words, nonsense, and onomotopoeia that gets the point across), (6) the skilled comic performer sells a cosmopolitan openness and linguistic adaptability masquerading as confusion.
Longer and wider than the outgoing 156 estate, the 159 Sportwagon is hugely stylish without being pretentiously showy, featuring a neatly sculpted, svelte appearance which makes this handsome addition to the compact executive estate car line-up a welcome sight.