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Beads fly off neurotic teenage corporate super-heroes, sprinkle from pretentiously collegiate talking dogs and congeal on rocks.
But in America's classrooms, we ban those mobile technologies in favor of using 18th-century pencil and paper, boring the kids to sleep and to dropping out, as we pretentiously claim we are teaching 21st-century skills such as self-directed learning, teamwork and problem solving.
They are pretentiously friendly and would even speak your language to make you believe that they are trustworthy.
More than two years of work, passion and hopes, culminating in a huge circus-like conference, produced a text of two and a half pages, pretentiously entitled the Copenhagen Agreement'.
Still, give me the don't-give-a-damn style of a Borissov any day, over a pretentiously camouflage-clad Castro or tent-bearing nauseating Gaddaf, or for that matter, a freshly pressed Western pol of any country of your choice.
He also pretentiously calls for democratic freedom while he loudly and selectively decries criticism in print, internet and audio-visual media especially from Southern Sudan where he is not likely to be hailed as a hero.
Based on the poor experience of the previous time, Israel has decided not to allow the entry of the vessel that has so pretentiously called itself a 'humanitarian aid boat,'=94 Foreign Ministry spokesman Yossi Levi told Ynet.
This disc includes his transcriptions--somewhat pretentiously entitled 'Symphonic Metamorphosis'--on three of the best known Strauss works, Die Fledermaus, Kunstlerleben and Wein, Weib und Gesang.
Comfortable" seems an inadequate word for the suite we were subsequently shown too, which was clean, airy, spacious, plush, but not pretentiously so, and tastefully decorated in a style befitting a hall which dates back three centuries.
Though he tries, pretentiously, to woo her with his multilingual pretensions: He tells her her name -- we're talking "Becky" here -- is not just "beautiful," but "tres jolie.
Incremental success proved intoxicating as Wilbur and Orville worked to perfect their flying machines in an Ohio cow pasture pretentiously named Huffman Prairie.
Longer and wider than the outgoing 156 estate, the 159 Sportwagon is hugely stylish without being pretentiously showy, featuring a neatly sculpted, svelte appearance which makes this handsome addition to the compact executive estate car line-up a welcome sight.