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Friendly welcoming staff and a less snooty ambience - they know they are good so pretentiousness is not needed
ROOM 237 (15) CAST: Bill Blakemore, Geoffrey Cocks, Juli Kearns PLOT: This documentary is subtitled Being An Inquiry Into The Shining In Nine Parts, a sign of the pretentiousness to come, as it explores theories about the hidden meanings within Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror film.
JK ROWLING says her new novel, The Casual Vacancy, is about the pretentiousness of the middle classes.
There's some Moody Blues airiness in there, and some Led Zeppelin bluesiness as well, but there's never really a feeling of pretentiousness, which is an easy trap to fall into when you play in that particular milieu.
So full of self-indulgent pretentiousness it's become, it is the only TV show capable of making you remember Jonathan Ross fondly.
To many, each and every work of art within its grand confines reeks of nonsense, pretentiousness and snobbery.
I knew," she begins, without a hint of irony or pretentiousness.
The pretentiousness of state and government photo opportunities is a topic in itself.
It offends with its skewed selection procedure, with its pretentiousness, with its arrogance, with its tastelessness.
and if I am sad, Mom comforts me"--is meaningful and poignant without a hint of pretentiousness.
However, what distinguished him from others was his rejection of classical overtones and elaborate forms in favor of verse that was both direct and stripped of any pretentiousness associated with Poland's traditional labeling of poets as bards and other figures of almost messianic qualities.
DuBois, and Langston Hughes, both for their literary pretentiousness, and as self-proclaimed arbiters of "the race.