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One goal of this intervention was to increase the portion of preterm newborns delivered in hospitals with neonatologist-staffed intensive care units.
As clinicians and teachers, that conversation is our obligation both to our students and to the preterm newborn who might be born tonight.
Activin A concentrations are highest in preterm newborns after perinatal hypoxia (10), in infants experiencing interventricular hemorrhage (11), and in perinatal asphyxia (12).
Moreover, intrauterine hypoxia increases activin A in the fetal circulation of preterm newborns (12), and high activin A concentrations have been found in cerebrospinal fluid (13) and urine (unpublished) of asphyxiated full-term newborns who experienced brain damage.
This study was performed in preterm newborns who were hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Conclusion: The volume of harvested and prepared UCB-PRC can be used for some of the blood transfusions required during the neonatal period and thus may decrease the number of allogeneic transfusions, especially in preterm newborns.
Treatment of preterm newborns after birth with exogenous surfactant can be effective in preventing and treating RDS.
The authors used the cytokinesis block micronucleus (CBMN) assay, a well-validated biomarker of cancer risk in adults, to determine micronucleus (MN) frequencies in both mononucleated (MONO) and binucleated (BN) T lymphocytes and to derive the cytokinesis block proliferation index (CBP1) in full-term and preterm newborns and their mothers.
Extremely preterm newborns (<28 weeks' gestation) have an autism risk of 25% (4) and a cerebral palsy (CP) risk of 14.
The objective of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of probiotics in the prevention of gastrointestinal colonisation of Candida species, of late-onset sepsis and neurological outcome in preterm newborns.
Our study might might lead to a change of the current treatment strategies to prevent failure of ductus arteriosus closure, particularly in preterm newborns with low platelet counts," the BBC quoted lead researcher Dr Steffen Massberg as saying.
The resulting excitotoxic lesions resemble the hypoxic-ischemic gray-matter lesions seen in full-term and near-term newborns, as well as the white-matter lesions of preterm newborns.