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Not Leonore, in that preternatural midnight excursion with her phantom lover, was more terrified than poor Maggie in this entirely natural ride on a short-paced donkey, with a gypsy behind her, who considered that he was earning half a crown.
The large bare room, with its grim old furniture, the narrow, latticed windows, revealing the dull, grey sky above and the desolate wilderness below, where the dark stone walls and iron gate, the rank growth of grass and weeds, and the hardy evergreens of preternatural forms, alone remained to tell that there had been once a garden, - and the bleak and barren fields beyond might have struck me as gloomy enough at another time; but now, each separate object seemed to echo back my own exhilarating sense of hope and freedom: indefinite dreams of the far past and bright anticipations of the future seemed to greet me at every turn.
All his bluster had gone, and he seemed to have caught the contagion of preternatural calm.
Mistress Affery, whose fear of thunder and lightning was only to be equalled by her dread of the haunted house with a premature and preternatural darkness in it, stood undecided whether to go in or not, until the question was settled for her by the door blowing upon her in a violent gust of wind and shutting her out.
With a memory sharpened to almost preternatural clearness, she remarked every turn in the road, and formed a mental estimate of the time to be occupied in traversing it.
And while it often takes a skilled accountant -- and this year might need one with preternatural abilities -- to figure out the best ways to cut a client's tax bill, or at least to avoid penalties for taxes that are inevitable, Kiplinger has come up with some state taxes and exemptions that even that preternatural accountant might not have thought of.
Those Serpents who carry the old years are preternatural compasses guiding the universe to follow the path to more spaces outside the space no one can even think o
Other times I entered the zone, a Zen-like state of preternatural awareness of the flow, moving like a fish in a school of fish, and I was home before I knew it.
MUSIC Moulettes The art rockers are touring in support of their album Preternatural, inspired by the discovery of a microscopic creature that is able to survive deep underground, without oxygen or sunlight, thereby redefining the perimeters of life as we knew it.
In the English language section, John Freeman took the Roland Mathias Poetry Award for What Possessed Me, which explores childhood memories and lifelong relationships with humour, poignancy, and preternatural clarity.
Their topics include illness as divine punishment: the nature and function of the disease-carrier demons in ancient Egyptian magical texts, illness and healing through spell and incantation in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the influence of demons on the human mind according to Athenagoras and Tatian, the melancholy of the necromancer in Arnau de Vilanova's epistle against demonic magic, and healing with demons: preternatural philosophy and superstitious cures in Spanish inquisitional courts.
Francis Young focuses on English Catholics' diverse and shifting responses to the preternatural from Mary Tudor's accession in 1553 until the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1829.