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The preternaturally youthful Rob Lowe will spend 2018 as the face of the Atkins' "Life Well Lived" campaign, and recording artist-producer DJ Khaled has become Weight Watchers' first social media ambassador.
Thirteen-year-old Auguste (Gus) Sutter vividly remembers the summer of 1976, not just for the preternaturally harsh drought but also for the incidents leading up to the disintegration of his family.
Eccleston, a spiritual counselor helping Mannheim accept his terminal illness, is assisted by Theo, her preternaturally clairvoyant young nephew.
Lots of music that way, the old snapper prehistorically, preternaturally cranky at the heart of it.
The video's soundtrack, with its snippets of workers' conversation, droning hums of working presses, and the clicks of conveyor belts, contrasted sharply with the preternaturally still photos of the bookmaker's wares.
"It can be very difficult to get to that right average speed," says Qattawi, calling herself perhaps, preternaturally, fast-moving.
But it's still difficult to understand why a British woman who looks so preternaturally comfortable in a corset is playing North Carolina white trash, complete with a Southern drawl.
As the older sister's preternaturally loyal boyfriend, Alexander DiPersia is also surprisingly good, in a role that could so easily have become the weasly caricature we have seen so often.
LONDON 6 The lewd streets of Soho - unsilenced for 300 years - were preternaturally quiet for a summer evening.
He influenced events on the field not only as a preternaturally gifted and original player - the equal of Diego Maradona or Pele - but also through his habit of making major tactical adjustments during a match without reference to the bench.
I've long been an ardent admirer of Meilyr Jones - the preternaturally gifted former frontman of the late, lamented and widely loved, Race Horses.
As someone who has just turned 50 I have now become almost preternaturally aware of the myriad dangers faced by the middle-aged community.