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Over the past few years, there have been precocious TV appearances, preternaturally cool red carpet looks and a slow drip of music.
Was Tom pleased with his preternaturally pristine house's starring role on Through The Keyhole?
Some of the episodes don't work at all; the primary school, with kiddies singing songs about the Engine and Alison Pill as a preternaturally chirpy teacher, comes close to being embarrassing.
For nearly three quarters of an hour, the young woman sat, wrapped in prayer and meditation, not a limb twitching, not a turning of the head, preternaturally immobile, like the unrippled water of an autumnal pond, under the loving gaze of the Buddha of Compassion as people walked by Watching her, I was irresistibly moved to pray--to the Christian God, Jesus, the Buddha, Mary and Quanyin--by this Buddhist devotee in an unexpected and strange place.
It has become obvious to all who watch the Obama White House that this president, while being a perfectly decent human being, is sometimes so confident, so serenely comfortable in his skin, so preternaturally cool, that he does not always make the connections with lesser folk that successful presidents generally do.
24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Naval service members suffer from a preternaturally high rate of mesothelioma, largely due to the greater risk of exposure.
Yet a major part of the explanation for this is that I have always been preternaturally risk averse, and found that my brain was completely full long before I had completed the list of "what could possibly go wrong?
Alongside Taoism's somewhat suspicious view of, and therefore highly economical use of, language, runs what has recently been termed the 'material/ist turn' in ecocritical studies, by which words are conceived of, after all, having a preternaturally organic relationship with the objects they purport to describe.
The next group of students, despite being grade-schoolers at a prime age for squirming, moves in clean lines and are preternaturally focused.
1 Jodie Marie A preternaturally gifted singer-songwriter with an elegant yet piercing light-blues touch, JM might be the third point in a triangle formed by Joan Baez and Carole King.
Oh well, never mind, from now on I'll just have to content myself instead with endless clips of hairy bearded types struggling in vain to hit the preternaturally high notes of Lloyd Webber's Gethsemane - resembling cutting room floor footage of the recordings for those Bodyform adverts - "Waaaaa-aaa-aaaarrgggggh Bodyfo.
The writing assembled here--a few short stories along with a heterogeneous assemblage of vignette, memoir, character sketches, and theater criticism--offers a fascinating portrait of the booming, self-confident city, seen with an eye both ecstatically humble and preternaturally sharp.