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Stress ECHO is appropriate for symptomatic patients with an intermediate pretest probability of CAD and contraindication to regular treadmill stress testing.
The effect of pretest probability on the utility of the RF is demonstrated in Table 1.
This is particularly true with patients whose symptoms and exposure history may suggest a low likelihood of metal toxicity; if the pretest probability of disease is low, the probability that a positive test is a false positive result can become substantial (18).
Receiving FDA clearance for the expanded use for this assay is extremely important to Dade Behring because it provides another important tool for physicians to utilize, along with pretest probability assessment, as an aid in the diagnosis of venous thromboembolism (DVT or PE).
In this case series, CTCA was able to accurately diagnose single-vessel and multivessel disease despite normal MPI scans in a population with a moderate pretest probability of CAD.
Furthermore, since SARS infections would likely make up a minute fraction of FRIs circulating among the general population, the pretest probability, and thus the positive predictive value of RT-PCR tests, would be extremely low, even if future generation assays had better test sensitivity and specificity.
Bronchoscopy was selected most frequently by physicians as a group as the first diagnostic test to be performed for all of the simulations except simulations 1 (peripheral lesion <2 cm, pretest probability of malignancy 10%) and 4 (peripheral lesion 2-5 cm, pretest probability of malignancy 10%).
Utilization of pretest probability assessment, together with the Dade Behring Advanced D-Dimer assay, aids in the diagnosis of VTE.
We conclude that clinical actions for HD patients could be based on a relatively small NT-proBNP change between 2 consecutive results, depending on the pretest probability of a congestive cardiac event.
Start with high-sensitivity D-dimer measurement, not imaging, for patients with low pretest probability of venous thromboembolism (ACP).
Commercially available serologic assays to diagnose hepatitis E are not very sensitive or specific, and results must be interpreted based on the pretest probability of hepatitis E infection, he said.
In contrast, under circumstances when testing is performed at relatively high pretest probability (for example, in a heavily contaminated building), a negative test result will only be convincing if the sensitivity of the system is very high.