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The little one (she has a mother somewhere, out of sight, shut up in a closet or a trunk) is a good deal prettier, and, perhaps, on that account elle y met plus de facons.
He did not say it, but he thought she made a much prettier picture than Phebe at the wash-tub, for she had stuck a purple fez on her blonde head, tied several brilliant scarfs about her waist, and put on a truly gorgeous scarlet jacket with a golden sun embroidered on the back, a silver moon on the front, and stars of all sizes on the sleeves.
A pretty air in an opera is prettier there than it could be anywhere else, I suppose, just as an honest man in politics shines more than he would elsewhere.
Here is one, ma'am, that is rather prettier than any you have yet seen in New York.
You look prettier with it off, upon my soul, if that's possible," he said, contemplating her over the back of the vehicle.
And don't you know that you are prettier than you ever were?
There are scores of female anchor persons in the electronic media industry each one prettier than the other and always attired in the designers' latest, most stylish and expensive costumes that ironically don only once and never repeated.
What followed were some of the headiest, most exciting moments of my life - watching Yano, the Eraserheads, The Youth, Parokya ni Edgar, Color It Red, Put3Ska, Tropical Depression, Kelt's Cross, Rizal Underground, Orient Pearl, Binky Lampano, Joey Ayala (who brought his band, Ang Bagong Lumad, from Davao to settle in Manila with the Apo Hiking Society's Butch Dans as manager); other groups that came a few years earlier like Coco Jam, The Dawn, After Image, Introvoys, True Faith, Rivermaya, and Prettier In Pink; the motley bunch of punk bands from the Twisted Red Cross label, especially Betrayed and Urban Bandits; and a hardworking band whose lifespan started in the late '70s and who's still active, The Jerks.
The four members of K-Pop band, Six Bomb, underwent extensive plastic surgery before releasing the video for their latest tracks, "Becoming Prettier (Before)" and "Becoming Prettier (After)," in which the ladies recap their personal experiences with surgery and brag about how attractive they are after getting surgery.
Sadly, the electorate (Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry) favoured the younger and prettier candidate, Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud.
Once upon a time we preferred to grow flat-leaved varieties but the taste of moss-curled parsley is just as good and it looks prettier, too.
50 Rich and spicy and quickly fills a room with fragrance Spicy oriental scent that feels very posh One tree planted for every candle sold Gets even prettier as the wax gets lower Floral with a slight undertone of spices Emma Bridgewater Joy, PS18, Marks & Spencer