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In the shop at Thwaite they sell packages o' flower-seeds for a penny each, and our Dickon he knows which is th' prettiest ones an, how to make 'em grow.
Pick the prettiest ones and easy to grow because she has never done it before and lived in India which is different.
Hetty dropped the prettiest little curtsy, and stole a half-shy, half-coquettish glance at him as she said, "Yes, thank you, sir.
It was the prettiest of them all, and was recited by the heroine.
Felicity was her prettiest in flower-trimmed hat, crisp muslin, floating ribbons and trim black slippers.
The fireplace, where she had expected the ample width and ponderous carving of former times, was contracted to a Rumford, with slabs of plain though handsome marble, and ornaments over it of the prettiest English china.
If Lydgate had been aware of all the pride he excited in that delicate bosom, he might have been just as well pleased as any other man, even the most densely ignorant of humoral pathology or fibrous tissue: he held it one of the prettiest attitudes of the feminine mind to adore a man's pre-eminence without too precise a knowledge of what it consisted in.
A modest little cottage but a bright and a fresh, and on the snowy tablecloth the prettiest of little breakfasts.
I know for a fact, that his race horses literally ran away with the prettiest bit of Kentucky farming land I ever laid eyes upon.
I live for nothing, and I straighten up the accent of the prettiest English lips.
Then Ozma joined them, as fresh and lovely as ever and robed in one of her prettiest gowns.
And say, Anne, she's the prettiest girl you ever saw.